RI (RR), Li (L), and LI (LL), arise in the sunset yoni, the twilight realm of nirRti and jyeSThA, fundamental to the whole expression but producing no finite conceptions, and all are associated with sadAshiva tattva, rohiNI nakshatra, and prajApati.

The long liquid cerebral vowel RIkAra (the eighth vowel) is an interjection of terror, and a particle implying reproach or warding off.
RI indicates going, motion, or swiftness, and RIs is the name of a dAnava.
RI is invoked as RISA (excellent RI, the mother of the gods) and placed on the left nostril.
And RIM is the bhairava bIja.

The short liquid cerebro-dental vowel LikAra (the ninth vowel) indicates the earth and the mother of the gods.
Li is invoked as LitA (heaven of Li, the beautiful mother) and placed on the right cheek.

The long liquid cerebro-dental vowel LIkAra (the tenth vowel) indicates eternity, the mother, and female nature.
LI is invoked as LISA (excellent LI, the eternal mother) and placed on the left cheek.

The 51st and final varNa of devanAgari is the long dental duHspRSTa LakAra, which arises from bhU and is associated with revatI nakshatra and pUSan (and rAhu). And this infinite L initiates no words at all.