N, ñ, Ñ, and M, all arise directly from AkAsha.

The cerebral nasal NakAra is associated with vAc tattva, vishAkha nakshatra, and indrAgni.
Na is a name of shiva, and it is the sound of negation, indicating nirvRti.
Na is knowledge, certainty, a gift, a thread, a pool or confluence.
NakAra is invoked as NAminI (shakti of NaM), and is placed on the right toes.

The palatal nasal ñakAra is associated with shabda tattva, hasta nakshatra, and savitA.
ña is a name of shukra, and it indicates an ox or bull, a heretic or perversion, a singer, and a jingling or gurgling sound.
ña represents knowledge, wisdom, teaching, and the limbs.
ñakAra is invoked as jñAnarUpa (with the form of knowledge), and is placed on the left fingers.

The guttural nasal ÑakAra is associated with AkAsha tattva, maghA nakshatra and the pitaras.
Ña is a name shiva or bhairava, and it indicates an object of sense, a wave or a sound.
Ña represents desire for any sensual object, and a fish-hook.
ÑakAra is invoked as ÑArNatmikA (identical with Ña), and is placed on the right fingers.

The terminal nasal anusvAra (after sound) is associated with Ishvara tattva, revatI nakshatra and pUSA.
The bindu represents undivided knowledge, unity in diversity, and tolerance; and it is the first, the beginning, and creation.
anusvAra is invoked as ambikA (mother), and is placed on the tongue.