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Thread: I am sick of answerless motivators...

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    I am sick of answerless motivators...

    All the books I have read all my life, they always explain things in the through a confusing, incomplete manner. So far, out of the ones I have read, Chopra does the best job.(including hindu/buddhism scriptures and their follower's works such as Osho)

    However, even Deepak is not good enough. The thing w/ all the modern writers is that they aren't as high on the mental planes, so they write to support their belief, instead of reasoning to the truth. And the thing w/ older writers is that they are on such a higher plane that they skip the bridge that is needed for us to totally comprehend I being clear enough?

    Do you guys know of any books that may take spirituality from a more scientific pov? For instance, instead of telling us that the only reason we fear is b/c we death and only by realizing that soul is eternal can we live a bliss-ful life, they can tell us from a psychological perspective that why do we fear death in the first place....

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    Re: I am sick of answerless motivators...

    Namaste skhandelwal.

    Try these books by Bhagavan Das, perhaps in the order given (the links to download them are also given):

    1. The Science of Peace (Bhagavan Das) (23.1 MB)

    2. The Science of the Emotions (Bhagavan Das) (21.0 MB)

    Bhagavan Das is also the author of other books that may not be available for downloading. For info on him check

    You may also try these Theosophical books (

    by C.W.Leadbeater
    Hidden Side of Things (I found it very useful)
    Man Visible and Invisible
    Our Relation to Children
    Science of Sacraments
    Thought Forms

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    Re: I am sick of answerless motivators...

    I tend to agree with skhandelwal. However, I have found osho's books to be very interesting.

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    Re: I am sick of answerless motivators...

    It's good that we feel "sick", thus my pov is coming to know that no book, author or matter how grand or clearly written... can heal us. (although such can be off help)

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    Re: I am sick of answerless motivators...

    Namaste friends,

    Absence of actual experience of the propagators and often a poor grasp of language used brings out a bad product.

    Among the many books I have read, I have liked books written by western authors mainly because of masterly use of language and professional editing.

    In this respect "Patanjali Yoga Sutras" by Swami Prabhvananda and Christopher Isherwood, gave me the one of the best experience. Isherwood, who was a professional scriptwriter, surely played a big role to make the small book of 165 pages a memorable reading.

    Of course, I am restricting myself to engish translations. For those who know sanskrit, there ought to be a treasure of original scripture -- just to be opened.

    Om Namah Shivaya
    That which is without letters (parts) is the Fourth, beyond apprehension through ordinary means, the cessation of the phenomenal world, the auspicious and the non-dual. Thus Om is certainly the Self. He who knows thus enters the Self by the Self.

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    Re: I am sick of answerless motivators...


    But perhaps, you need less books and more of something else.

    For example, for a devotee of Krishna, chanting the Hare Krishna mantra 108 times or so, is a powerful enough motivator. This is bhakti, the yoga of devotion.
    Om purnam adah, purnam idam, purnat purnam udacyate; purnasya purnam adaya purnam evavasisyate.
    Om Santih! Santih! Santih!

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    Re: I am sick of answerless motivators...

    I liked Subramuniyaswami's trilogy because of the clear American English, and quality editing. They're all on line for free now, I think, though not sure. But like others here have said, its the practice that helps. Besides, never met an author I didn't disagree with. All knowledge is within anyway. Just some ramblin'. Aum Namasivaya

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