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Thread: NeoTantra Yoga(path of sex)

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    Talking NeoTantra Yoga(path of sex)

    The branch of Tantra Yoga which focuses on sex is known as NeoTantra due to western interpretations.....However....this is what I read in Wikipedia,

    When enacted as enjoined by the tantras the ritual culminates in a sublime experience of infinite awareness, by both participants. The Tantric texts specify that sex has three distinct and separate purposes procreation, pleasure and liberation. Those seeking liberation eschew frictional orgasm for a higher form of ecstasy, as the couple participating in the ritual, lock in a static embrace. Several sexual rituals are recommended and practised. These involve elaborate and meticulous preparatory and purificatory rites. The act balances energies coursing within the pranic ida and pingala channels in the subtle bodies of both participants. The sushumna nadi is awakened and kundalini rises upwards within it. This eventually culminates in samadhi wherein the respective individualities of each of the participants are completely dissolved in the unity of cosmic consciousness. Tantrics uarepresent Shiva and Shakti, the male and female principles. Beyond the physical, a subtle fusion of Shiva and Shakti energies takes place resulting in a united energy field. On an individual level, each participant experiences a fusion of their own Shiva and Shakti energies.[27][28]"

    Can someone tell me specifically how to achieve liberation through sex? Seems like a very fun way!

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    Re: NeoTantra Yoga(path of sex)

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