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    I havent had a lucid dream in like a super long time and now im really like weirded out to have one
    Hi everyone, nice to join I like Loving, dreaming of lovers and friends

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    there is discussion, in the spiritual literature of dreams.

    Generally, it is recommended to do a little meditation before sleep. They should not be power based meditation, as this can interfere with sleep. But gentle meditation is said to help the state of sleeping and is widely recommended by many teachers. Paramahansa Yogananda was one.

    Science And Faith - Not A Conflict

    Some Links

    Summary - Some of the greatest scientists in the history of the world believed in God. The percentage of belief among the professional scientific community is just about the same as the rest of the population. It is pure myth that most scientists do not believe in God. One link for a professional study that proved that prayer works. Another link to the Vatican council on science
    which includes a huge list of Noble Prize winning scientists who believe in God.

    Benjamin Franklin and Isaac Newton, two of the founders of all modern math and science, both believed in God.

    Nikolai Tesla believed in God and was a fan of the Hindu saint Swami Vivekananda.

    This article concludes that about 50% of scientists are religious, and, additionally, many more, while not religious, believe in God.

    from this book:

    Quoting from the article: "In the course of her research, Ecklund surveyed nearly 1,700 scientists and interviewed 275 of them. She finds that most of what we believe about the faith lives of elite scientists is wrong. Nearly 50 percent of them are religious. Many others are what she calls “spiritual entrepreneurs,” seeking creative ways to work with the tensions between science and faith outside the constraints of traditional religion…..only a small minority are actively hostile to religion."


    And here's A professional scientific study proving that prayer works:

    "There is ample proof that prayer works. Many scientific studies have been conducted that validate this observation.

    A 1993 Israeli survey following 10,000 civil servants for 26 years found that Orthodox Jews were less likely to die of cardiovascular problems than "nonbelievers." And a 1995 study from Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H., monitoring 250 people after open-heart surgery concluded that those who had religious connections and social support were 12 times less likely to die than those who had none."


    the Pontifical Academy of Sciences has a long list of Noble Prize winning scientists who believe in God...


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