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Thread: Best websites/sources online

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    Best websites/sources online

    If it wasn't for these, I wouldn't be half the man I am now! - best database for all woods - Youtube of documents and pdf's - Best thing that ever happened to internet! - Biggest, most detailed, and fastest growing encyclopedia. - Most data-backed up site for hinduism(history, etc.) - Covers all 128 Sutras and more!(translated) - Best compilation of quotes, period. - Most information on most cultures.(All vedas
    translated) - Best free e-library - Best uncrapped collection of articles

    Indology, Swamiji, MeaningofLife, and Sacred-Texts are a little hard to browse, and may look unauthentic, but once you get used to the format, you'll realize how huge of a treasure you have stumbled onto.

    Please guys, share your secrets too!


    "Will is all I have and its all I'll ever need" -S.K.

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    Namaste skhandelwal,

    There is already a very long list of excellent suggestions in our special subforum dedicated to other internet resources ~

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