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Thread: Other Indicators Formed At Birth...

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    Other Indicators Formed At Birth...

    Hari Om


    With the last post 'Yogas Formed At Birth' I listed out 27 yogas. These give a hint to the type of person that has entered this earth.

    Are there others? Sure. One can look at the day of the week, the tithi of birth, the nakshatra, and karana. All combined is like the colors used in a painting. One gets a feel for the persons disposition, strength, demeanor, intellect, tendencies, etc.

    As most all know what day they were born on ( I was born on Thursday in the 11th yoga of Vriddi, and the nakshatra of Rohini), let me list out what the Hora Ratam has to say , with some additional comments to perhaps round out an idea.

    Note that the vedic day runs from sun rise to sun rise... that is, the day does not change due to the time of day being 12:01 AM in the morning. So if you were born at 12:05 AM Saturday morning, from a vedic perspective you are still under the influence of Friday's sun rise until a new sunrise comes up ~ 6 AM to begin a new day, Saturday.
    • Sunday - Ravivaar - Sun’s influence. The native will be firm in his/her undertakings, at times and as needed fierce and valorous. The persons complexion will be influenced by Sun's pitta; a complexion influenced by blood-red i.e. dark shaded in complexion. The native is to be pure ( due to the sun's purifying rays and influence ) and skillful.
      • From an Ayurvedic POV the sun is a fire principle graha. Fire influences seeing. So sight will be of importance to this native. The delight of sight.
    • Monday - Somvaar- Moon's influence. This person will have ups-and-downs, like the moon as it waxes and wanes. Its indicated this person will be of short stature, fair complexion, broad chested and intelligent as the mind gains influence from the moon. As the moon also influences the heart/feelings, emotions will pay a role in decision making ... what one 'feels' is right , wrong, etc.
      • From an Ayurvedic POV moon is a apa or water principled graha. Water influences taste, so eating will bring delight to this native.
    • Tuesday - Mangalvaar- Mars' influence. There will be a calling due to men of royalty, or high office or authority. This suggest military or government service. Ones eyes will be influenced by the tejas ( fire), will be sweet in speech as vak is duly influenced by this tejas/agni principle and will be of patient disposition.
      • From an Ayurvedic POV Mars is tejas or fire principled graha. So there will be the influence gain to the eyes and seeing... taking delight in sight.
    • Wednesday - Buddhvaar- Mercury's influence. The person is to be very skillful. He/she will be quite charming yet a bit unstable due to Mercury's mixture. Mercury also rules intellect and communication. So 'charm' may come via speech, communication and the expression of ideas.
      • From an Ayurvedic POV mercury is an earth principle graha. With earth, come the sense of smell. This person will take delight with smell and fragrances.
    • Thursday - Brihaspativaar or Guruvaar - Jupiter's influence. The native is intelligent and enjoys building this capacity; Overall a good individual. due to the intellect will have wide knowledge of worldly affairs , arts, scriptures, skilled , one-pointed in actions and confident. As Jupiter/Guru is delighted with knowledge, it is reflected in Thursday's child.
      • From From an Ayurvedic POV Jupiter is responsible for akasha. This brings the the sense of hearing. This person will find delight with hearing - this can be hearing knowledge or the sounds ( music, the environment, etc)
    • Friday - Shukravaar- Venus's influence. This individual will indulge in secretive acts, be benevolent, be of righteous deeds and intelligence. This person too will have knowledge of the affairs of the world, and due to Venus' passion for arts be attracted there, and may be come the 'expert' in this area. This person will also gravitate to the scriptures.
      • From an Ayurvedic POV Venus is a fluid-water principle based graha. This person may find delight with tastes... finer tastes life has to offer.
    • Saturday - Shanivaar- Saturn's influence. due to the vata air tattva this person will be weak in body, fickle minded, at times cantankerous and villainous. Cleanliness's will not be high on the list of priorities for this native. Sani rules worn out things, uses things (like rubbish or junk heaps) even worn out bodies.
      • From an Ayurvedic POV Saturn is the air principled graha. This person may find delight with touch. The sense of touch of others, of fabrics , textures, nature's offerings, etc.
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