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Thread: Jewish Origins - Kabbalah

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    Jewish Origins - Kabbalah

    Hari Om


    I watched a most revealing special on the History Channel last night. It was about the origins of the Jewish religion. It spent the time on reviewing Kabbalah. This was new to me, as I am not familiar with this POV. As I understand it Kabbalah comes from a Hebrew root word 'to receive'.

    Here is what I found interesting... ( this is from the program and a web site I reivewed).
    • In Kabbalah, Adam and Eve are viewed as symbols of male and female energy - Siva and Shakti from my orientation.
    • "Kabbalah... is not about worship or belief, but rather 'becomes a direct path of communion between the individual and the Divine - this is yoga from my POV.
    • Kabbalah teaches reincarnation -we die and are reborn, living many lives, ever seeking to advance spiritually. They say "We are in a process of repairing our broken vessels, which may take many lifetimes".
    • When a critical mass of humanity spiritually advances, it tips the scale in favor of all humanity, and will bring us back to a connection with the immortality we had before -for me this is the return of Sat Yuga
    • We are all sparks of the Divine - for me this is Visphulinga
    • "Our days spent doing good deeds are 'woven into a garment of splendor that will clothe the soul as she enters God’s presence in the world to come." - beautiful.
    • There are three ways to ascend to higher consciousness:
      • study and scrutiny of ( our)behavior;
      • seclusion, contemplation, and soul-searching; and having a constant awareness of the implications of everything one does. - for me this is part of yama and niyama.
    • The Kabbalah discusses angels and demons, souls’ journeys after death, reincarnation, resurrection, and the goal of achieving messianic consciousness.' .... It is not about 'rote obedience of laws and commands, 'but is rather a spiritual tool to enable us to regain unity with God. They would say 'to re-enter the Eden'.
      My orientation here is devata and vaious rakshasa; messianic consciousness would be equal to Brahma Sakshtkara ( Self Realization) or turiyatit chetana (sustained turya).
    There is much on the web¹ regarding this...


    1. Additional reading
    यतस्त्वं शिवसमोऽसि
    yatastvaṁ śivasamo'si
    because you are identical with śiva


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    Re: Jewish Origins - Kabbalah

    There is a book at the library that draws parrells between the Epics and Genisus. Its pretty interesting ill post some of it here tommorow if i remeber.
    "My spiritual father is Swami Vivekananda" Canibus

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