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    Human + Being

    Hari Om


    I thought this might be an interesting topic for those finding their way around Sanatana Dharma and this HDF site.

    Let me offer this idea for your consideration. We are idenfied as human beings… another way of viewing this is human + Being.

    This 'Being' is Divine, Brahman, some also call parameśvara - the Supreme Lord. This Being is fullness, wholeness or bhuma. If this is so, then 'human' must also be part of the wholeness too. The principle of agāḥ (the limb or part) connected to agi ( the whole).

    One can think of 'human' as condensed 'Being' - Being is unbounded, human has boundaries. These are not two distinct entities, it is the expression of one entity Being, expressing itself fully. Like white light, we see white, yet as it passes through a prism, or even the proper atmospheric conditions we see a rainbow…the white light expresses itself in the diversity of color… the colors are still part and parcel the white light. Like that, Being expresses itself in its Creation, as diversity and multiplicity, it is still Being.

    So what are some of those boundless-boundaries that we experience as humans that are just the counterpart of Being?

    kāla - is considered time; it also means to calculate or enumerate - we experience time , seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and years. Yet for Being, it is eternal , there is no past-present-future. It is boundless, no such thing as time. Time suggests a begining or an end, and Being does not fit within this constuct.

    vidyā - we know as knowledge. We know specific things, subject matter. Some people are experts in one field, a specific knowledge. Yet Being is full knowledge , all knowledge , without limitation, some may call this sarva-jñātvam. Many like to also call this omniscience, Knowing all.

    rāga - our feelings or passion i.e. love , affection or sympathy; vehement desire of , interest or joy or delight in people, places and things. Out feelings are directed to things in specificity. These feeling are then attached to the objects they are directed to. So our fractionalization of feelings are metered out in objects, in bounded things. Yet for Being, it is complete fullness, pūrṇatvam. Being is not lacking in any thing, and hence the expression of completeness, may be called absolute bliss. No fractionalization to any-one-thing, but to all things at once , all the time.

    niyati is restraint , restriction is key here as this is what makes a human. The restriction of boundaries. We have a specific height, length weight. We live in a home with walls, work perhaps in a cubicle, go to work in car with dimensions. All these 'environments' are boundaries. Yet this Being is Unbounded , all pervasive , or vyāpakatvam. This is the essence of viṣṇu¹ , all pervading Brahman. This in IMHO is key in my mind when one wishes to compare human to Being. That of this boundy-boundless condition. The wise say once enlightened or moksha dawns, this is a personal human experience of being without bounds.

    kalā - is skill , ingenuity, creativity; it also a small part of anything , any single part or portion of a whole and it is seen as the 1/16th part. We experience this as creative application, our skill to create, modify or change the world around us. for some it’s the artist in us, for others it can be the ability to constuct and design, or even to bake, have fun the sand box, erxpressing new ideas in writing. It is the applicatioin of our creativity directed to a purpose. It is our activity , done is our limited tme and space.

    For Being, it is the total creation of everthing in fulness that all works together, all fits togetther and all connected together. Some call this infinite correlation. All things, constructed of Being, is all connected togther, no fragments. Being has infinte creativity and permutations and no limits on actions… multiple actions, in multiple places.

    It is important to note these are not conflicting qualites, just different expressions of the same Being expressing itself as fully as possible.

    So one asks, where then is the connecting point between us between human and Being? Just as we write this out the connection is in the gap , between human_Being. That gap , sandhyā (junction) is where one can find and exprerience the connecton between human and Being. This subject is the crux of the HDF post: on turya ( some prefer turiya).

    One also may ask, what stops the native from experiening this fullness? this is discussed in the following HDF post:

    Words Used
    Visnu विष्णु ( some write viSNu or viṣṇu ) Rig Veda 1.22.20 Visnu - the all pervading Brahman, tad vishnoh paramam padam
    kāla काल
    vidyā विद्या
    rāga राग
    niyati नियति
    kalā कला

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    यतस्त्वं शिवसमोऽसि
    yatastvaṁ śivasamo'si
    because you are identical with śiva


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