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Thread: What do you think of this verse?

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    What do you think of this verse?

    I stumbled upon this verse when i opened up a short concise book of ahadiths. Its from Bukhari and it states

    "Asma said, My mother came to me in the time of the Messenger of Allah and she was an idolatress. So i asked the messenger of Allah I said, She is not inclined (to Islam) may i do good to her? He said, "Yes; do goood to thy mother." (B 51;29)
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    Re: What do you think of this verse?

    In Arabia families could be cut apart and members disowned, Muhammad and his followers were a change in society, like urbanization, and they were big on family and its cohesion. The less civilized elements might be inclined to cut ties of family because they became Muslim. Muhammad did not like this. This is a hadith to back up family values. Seems to me

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