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Thread: Liberation

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    The good man is devoted to his ever-faithful dog, and each supports the other, although the human master is always in control, because the master always knows best. The dog is the perfect example of a devotee, and his master is a Guru.

    The God-man knows that he stands, by comparison with God, in exactly this same relationship.

    It is no coincidence that GOD and DOG are linguistic reflexions of one another!

    The natural, untamed, “Shudra” nature of wild dogs is not shameful or wrong ~ it is only natural; but no wise person brings a wild dog into polite society without very firm restraint (i.e. Ahimsa).

    A dog snatched directly from the wild can be somewhat tamed, although such a dog could never be completely trusted (especially when it is left alone and the master is not watching).

    A truly successful “conversion” of any wild dog into a domestic hound will only be achieved in the next generation ~ when the pups are raised in a more civilized environment with a wise and resourceful master (or “re-born in the spirit of the lord”).

    The God-man waits patiently for the remains from his own Master’s table, and trusts implicitly that the Master knows best what he himself cannot understand.

    When the GOD commands, the DOG responds instantly and unfailingly.

    The totally devoted, but otherwise untrained, “Vaishya” puppy knows that the Master is commanding, although it really has no idea what the instructions are or what behaviour should follow them.

    With time and effort, the young dog now knows what to do, and with age and experience its confidence and abilities grow, until one day that once ignorant innocent puppy is raised to be the leader of all the hounds.

    And, once the community is established, this domesticated tribe of hounds becomes a completely self-training affair.

    Generation after generation growing and learning and teaching the others by repeated example, and at the head of the pack there is just one dog (who is god, for his own), although every one of them knows something that all the wild dogs don’t know ~ and that is, that there is a greater authority beyond their own truly god-like pack-leader.

    The true Word of the one true God is thus naturally interpreted (and only interpretable) through the wisdom of the elder ~ through the one living Guru of that family of hounds ~ and in every generation of the hounds there MUST always be an inspired experienced leader to re-present the mysterious commands from above to the lower ranks for use under present conditions, and they follow the leaders true responses and reactions to the best of their own abilities.

    Jaya Guru Datta!

  2. Liberation

    It is getting free from all attachments i.e. all associations of 'my' which are present in the mind, including 'my' as 'I am...'. The liberation from 'my desires' becomes obvious and hence, all vaasanas/tendencies/latencies. This is becoming free from the 'cycle of desires'. Mind will still generate desires, but when you get this realisation, you can easily let them pass. They will come and go in the mind, you as 'self' being an inactive observer. But, what about 'my need'? 'My need' is the minimum basic requirements of 'my body' to sustain life. If there is this understading - 'I am not the body', you understand 'The need is for the body'. Allow your body to fulfil its need (not desires). And yes, wait for the death for complete liberation... complete liberation from maya, the mindspace!
    If you wish to have a better world, all you need is a better mindspace!
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    Liberation as per Bivalmangala in his 'Krishna Karnamrita', is waiting with folded hands to serve that devotee who has cent-per-cent sold out to the lotus feet of Nanda-nandan, Gopala. In other words, there is a short cut for those who realize time is of the essence in this world.

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