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Thread: Indus Valley Civilization

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    Indus Valley Civilization


    Who are the legitimitate heirs of the indus valley civilization? The Pakistanis or the Indians? Was it a ancient indian civilization or a pakistani civilization? In school i learned that it was a indian civilization but while surfing the net i read comments from pakistanis claiming that the indus civilization was a pakistani civilization. What do you think?

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    I think that both Pakistan and India can lay claim to be heirs of the Indus Valley Civilization. There are important archeological sites in both countries, and the populations of both Sindh and the Sarasvati valley differ little from the Harappans, if we examine skeletal and dental evidence.

    I have written an article about the Harappan writing system, and its affinities with Elamite and Brahmi script.

    Interested person may follow the link:

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    Re: Indus Valley Civilization

    after the collapse of indus and sarasvati society, the people migrated to the ganges.

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