“The body is given a ritual bath called a tahara, standing for purity and then the body is put in the ground in the quickest most simple fashion available with only traditional burial shrouds” i.e. covered with simple cloth and no “75 lbs aloe and myrrh” as mentioned in John 19:40

XNihil0Zer0 says:

John 19:40 “They took the body of Jesus and wrapped it in linen cloths along with spices, according to the burial custom of the Jews.”
The burial customs of the Jews have not changed in 3500 years. The body is not to be touched except by giving it a ritual bath called a tahara, standing for purity and then the body is put in the ground in the quickest most simple fashion available with only traditional burial shrouds.

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Paarsurrey says:

The Gospels as our Christian friends know are not written by Jesus or his disciples. These are presumed accounts of Jesus’ life only written by anonymous writers, ascribed to the disciples named only to honor them or perhaps to cover up the facts and inject in them clever doings of Paul and his associates- the Catholic Church.

Now truth comes to surface; thanks to internet - which has nit the international society into a closer bond; everything is accessible and research has been made very easy. The clever plots and conspiracies are discerned very easily. One does not have to go to libraries; things are only a click away by the grace of GodAllahParmesherYHWH.

Internet research:

One could make a live research by feeding the topic “Jewish funeral in Jesus time” to know answer to following question which naturally arise in the mind:
  • If the Jews of Jesus’ time had a custom to put a large quantity of “75 lbs aloe and myrrh” on the dead body. Certainly there was no such custom among the Jews. This is the mind working of intriguing Paul and the early centuries Church.
  • When and where Jesus was given a bath or his body was washed.
  • Did the disciples, who had fled away from the scene of crucifixion, were informed of the funeral ceremony? If not, why not?
  • Who lead the funeral prayer?
  • Was funeral ceremony held in Jewish tradition or Christian tradition? Christian tradition was invented later by Paul or his church unauthorized. Jesus had given no such tradition.
If those who were trusted with the body of Jesus did not participate or arrange the above; and we find no such recorded account in the four gospels, it is sure those who looked after his body knew that Jesus was not dead and hence they did not do it.

The injured body always needs wrappings after application of the ointments or medicines.

I think the rest is very clear. Those who wrapped Jesus; they are the ones or their helping friends who are supposed to unwrap him. If they could put him in a tomb and placed a stone, they could help Jesus to push the stone away, unwrap him and let him go.

This is very reasonable. I love Jesus and Muhammad.

Promised Messiah 1835-1908 Says:

It was the same body, with wounds on it, which had been saved from death; and, as there was still the fear of the Jews, Jesus, making use of all precautions, left the land. All talk of anything contrary to this is absurd — as the one about the Jews having bribed the soldiers in order to make them say that the disciples had stolen the corpse while they (the soldiers) were asleep.

If the soldiers were asleep they could be very well asked how they came to know in their sleep that the corpse of Jesus had been stolen away. From the mere fact of Jesus not being in the tomb, can anybody in reason believe that he had gone up to heaven? May there not be other causes as a result of which tombs might remain empty. At the time of going up to heaven, it was up to Jesus to meet a few hundred Jews, and also Pilate.

Whom was he afraid of in his glorious body. He did not care to furnish his opponents with the slightest proof. On the contrary, he took fright and fled to Galilee. That is why we positively believe that though it is true that he left the tomb, a chamber with an opening, and though it is true that he secretly met the disciples, yet it is not true that he was given any new and glorious body; it was the same body, and the same wounds, and there was the same fear in his heart lest the accursed Jews arrest him again.

Just read attentively Matthew, chapter 28, verses 7 to 10. These verses clearly say that the women who were told by someone that Jesus was alive and was going to Galilee, and who were also told quietly that they should inform the disciples, were no doubt pleased to hear this, but they went with a terrified heart, — they were still afraid lest Jesus might still be caught by some wicked Jew. The ninth verse says, that while these women were on their way to inform the disciples, Jesus met and saluted them. The tenth verse says that Jesus asked them not to be afraid, i.e. of his being caught; he asked them to inform his brethren that they should all go to Galilee22; that they would see him there, i.e., he could not stay there for fear of the enemy.

In short, if Jesus had really come to life after his death and had assumed a glorious body, it was up to him to furnish proof of such life to the Jews. But we know that he did not do this. It is absurd, therefore, to accuse the Jews of trying to render negatory the proof of Jesus’ coming to life again. No, Jesus himself has not given the slightest proof of his restoration to life; rather, by his secret flight, by the fact of his taking food, and sleep, and exhibiting his wounds, he himself proved that he did not die on the Cross.


One should form one’s own unbiased opinion with research and should accept that satisfies one most.