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Thread: God uses fruit of your bad deed to create devotion in you

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    God uses fruit of your bad deed to create devotion in you

    God uses fruit of your bad deed to create devotion in you

    God grants certain desires also to uplift the soul gradually.
    God is preacher in this world He uses the fruits of your deeds
    To develop you spiritually, - this world is called as Karma loka,
    Where you develop yourself guided by God acting as preacher.
    This world is not to consume fruits of your good and bad deeds,
    For that the upper worlds exist, - they are called as Bhoga Lokas.
    God uses fruit of your bad deed from the list of your punishments
    To create devotion in you, - souls are like ignorant children only.

    They will never become devotees by the real devotion here.
    They study for five minutes on giving a small stroke with cane.
    They become again mischievous forgetting the effect of cane.
    Similarly, a trouble is a cane, - you will become devoted to God.
    You derive happiness, again you forget devotion, become yourself.
    The fruit of your good deed acts as a gap between two troubles.

    The happiness gives a gap making you fresh for re-devotion

    That comes again in the next trouble, another stoke of cane.

    Like this God uses your deeds in any sequence He likes as per

    The requirement of your spiritual development in this world.

    When you are not changed you will face final enquiry after

    This rare human birth and you will be thrown to hell forever.

    If you are good for society without any devotion to God,

    You will be sent to heaven till the duration of fruit exists,

    You will come down to earth, - God acts as a judge only after

    Your exit from this human birth, not as a preacher at all.
    Therefore, there is no re-birth, - certainly no human re-birth,
    Only for few exceptional cases, - in which there is hope of
    Future spiritual development, - God grants human rebirth.
    The liberated souls by His devotion are always with God
    Taking human re-births to assist God in human form here.

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    Re: God uses fruit of your bad deed to create devotion in you

    Attention Satay:

    Anil Antony "At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami" is back again at HDF, watch out! The above message is replicated on the Net in at least 30 links, e.g. here:
    रत्नाकरधौतपदां हिमालयकिरीटिनीम् ।
    ब्रह्मराजर्षिररत्नाढ्यां वन्दे भारतमातरम् ॥

    To her whose feet are washed by the ocean, who wears the Himalayas as her crown, and is adorned with the gems of rishis and kings, to Mother India, do I bow down in respect.

    --viShNu purANam

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    Re: God uses fruit of your bad deed to create devotion in you

    Namaskar Saidevo,

    Yes, I suspected that as soon as the first post on this thread was posted. I wanted to be sure after seeing another post before removing the post and the poster.

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


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