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Thread: The King and The Teacher

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    The King and The Teacher

    In the olden days when Kings ruled the land, if a person was called before the king, he would be very scared not knowing what might befall him. Once before the King, he would fall on his knees and shake with fear. He had no defense as the King was Judge and Jury. He could have him killed for no reason at all! The King issues commands, laws and passed judgements. To a King, keeping his throne was of the utmost importance. To this end he rewarded loyalty and killed and abused those who he deemed disloyal, even if they were good people. A King could not afford to spare even children and babies! This is the Abrahamic "god"! God made in the image of a King. Their "god" runs a segregated heaven open to only the faithful (loyal) and gives hell to those who do not toe the line. For these people simply going to heaven is not enough, those who pray to others must be punished. In some of their popular books, christians get to go to a flesh-happy heaven and the rest are left on earth to endure drought, pestilence and violent storms. But this is what a King would do to those who are not loyal to him.

    A Gandhi is shown the door while a pedophile is let in. In the bible there are stories of how "god" urges his minions to kill all, not to spare even women, children and babies. He rules with threats and fear, on judgement day, lots of killing. Hitler only killed 6 million, but this king would kill billions because they are not christians. Christians proudly call themselves christian soldiers, again the reference to an army and a ruler. King Worshippers, worshipping a King and calling him God.

    The Hindu/Buddhist version of God is more akin to a Parent or Teacher. To Hindus/Buddhists the ultimate goal is not a flesh-happy heaven but Moksha or Enlightenment. God is our teacher in this journey towards enlightenment. It may take several lives for us to reach the level of a Buddha. In each life the ups and downs we face are God's teachings. Our God does not pass laws or judgements. A Hindu/Buddhist should never, never, never fear God.

    A teacher wants his students to ask questions, explore fresh & different ideas, respect others' ideas, be open-minded and learn constantly. It is no surprise to me that Hindu India is a shining democracy whereas Muslim Pakistan lurches from one despot to another. A king has no use for democracy, those who follow King religions closest see democracy take flight. Even western nations found democracy only after seperating church from state. In India the opposite is true, India will always remain a democracy as long as it remains a Hindu nation.

    Some changes that we need to make is not to use the word Lord when referencing God. That word denotes him as a ruler not a teacher. Also Hindus/Buddhists should stop kneeling in front of the murti. A subject/slave kneels before his master or King. We are devotees/children/students of God not his slaves/subjects. I believe that God wants devotees, she does not want a slave quaking in fear, leave that to Abrahamic faiths. God is above us but be clear that we are not below God.

    To me the idea of Hell is a western import, I know that some sastras do talk about hell but I am very uncomfortable with a God who tortures people, bad people they may be. This is a human idea that somehow says that inflicting physical pain will make them better people, unfortunately we know that is not true. I do believe that Karma and Rebirth do away with a torture God. With Karma and Rebirth, a bad person will learn God's lessons anew in his new life. Let's realize that a bad person is not going to be tortured in his new life but simply will be made to realize his errors and reform and lead a better life.

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    Re: The King and The Teacher

    Well, I do think most of us here agree the Christian god is nothing short of a also part of universe, but, placed as a lesson and another brick in the wall....for target practice...

    I don't have such a negative view of kings...sometimes that mode can be quite beneficial when you need a strong leader to take out the demons, for example. There are different ways for sure...figuring these solutions out definately seems like some kind of cosmic lesson plan for the human mind to unravel..

    Rama and Ravana....If we perhaps just stop fighting we can see the beauty in both sides...I can. I mean Islam and Hinduism....but I speak from an outsider's perspective. I just wish people would stop being so damned creeps me out...sometimes just experiencing life is more enjoyable, and actually, from a standpoint of overlying dharma, definately more palpable to divinity anyways...
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