I had an argument with a dear friend who rants and raves about Muslims and many others. I asked her "How an adult individual of 50 plus age still clings to age old stereotypes and rants at any and all others?" She said "Well my father is about 75 year old and still he rants about Sikhs being like that only, Maharastrians being jealous, Muslims being butchers, and Christians being thieves and looters, chamars being chamars, and Biharis being thugs. He picks up his object of rant as per the situation prevailing".

I admired her wisdom and was trying to act superior by preaching to her that one must wash away the embedded values and give a fresh look at the happenings, when i got a bolt. She replied "Well, do you not hold bias against banias (business class)?".

I was squarely beaten. We had a hearty laugh and I thanked her, yet insisting that banias are like that only.