With the extensive proselytization going on, I feel that both the Govt and the press are failing the tribals and the poor. Just because I give food to a starving man does that give me a right to take away the man's faith? Of course, abrahamic religions have no such values, they are ready to commit murder if it helps them spread their religion. Frankly, what does a tribal or a poor person know about choosing a religion? He is too busy making ends meet to worry about religion. It's one thing for a person like me sitting in the US to make a choice between religions, I can weigh the pros and cons of different religions before making a choice. The tribals and the poor are being exploited in this regard with no protection.

People dumbly mouth - Freedom of Religion - like parrots without looking into the details. The same religion that shouts these words is the one that is also threatens its members with dire consequences if they choose to leave the religion! So, if I am reading this right, christians want freedom of religions for members of other faiths so that they can be converted, but are not in favor for their own!

I live in the US and the one thing they keep saying is assimilation - they want outsiders like to assimilate into their society, unlike India where we revel in our diversity. Here you are expected to let go of everything from your mother country - language, customs, cuisine, sports, culture, everything except for one puzzling exception - religion! Now why is that? This has always puzzled me - if I am letting go of everything from my past and becoming an american, why am allowed to keep this one aspect of my past?

Finally I figured it out - this rule - Freedom of religion - is being made by christians - the biggest proselytizers in the world! It would be difficult for them to go to other countries and convert others when there is another dominant religion already present. In every thing else one should be like the majority but for this one thing, we are going to make an exception - you can be different!

We must realize that most rules that you hear are being made by westerners to suit their lifestyle. We need to stop blindly following western values. Hindus for the most part do not convert others - this is our country - let's run it with our values.