Bhagavan, assumed the shape of an unfamiliar person, as being desirous to know all that he could on shastras, and entered a Maha Pandit’s sabha. The Pandit, beholding him thus, and not comprehending the person’s sookshma swabhava, entertained him as a guest, treated him as one of his own members.

The discussion proceeds; the Pandit admits he is incompetent to discuss and he knows things the way he was taught, prepares to even offer an honest farewell to his guest.
By seeing the sincerity and simplicity of his manner, the delighted Brahman, assuming his original form thus spoke : “ Prabhu,you deserve the highest compliments. Your keen perception of "Aditi Devo Bhava"mantra serviced me. After a fruitful interaction, I am extremely pleased that through your favor I receive an honest farewell too. I praise you reverentially, Prabhu, who is an expert in Indian and western literature alike. I am also profoundly astonished at the simplicity you displayed on occasions you doubted I might be agitating you. I glorify you for you are profound in intellectual stability (yadaa madhye tishhThati tadaa sarva.n jaanaati gaayatinR^ityati paThatyaananda.n karoti ..dhyana bindu 93)) too. I be to you a support in all your works dedicated to theological and scholarly thoughts.

There is no confusion in regard to my agreeing upon your faith in shastras.”

The Absolute then recommends: “It is evident that this current stage of Kali Yuga will witness a progress in shastras. When these stages certainly happen in the cycle of Yugas, is there any need for you to turn out to be an instrumental cause? But, human race degenerates in spirituality, going farther possible from the Supreme Godhead. He learns about atom (anu), he does experiments in search of paramanu. Whereupon, now let you resume your activities, attentive to vikara
(R^iShibhirbahudhA gIta.nchhandobhirvividhaiH pR^ithak.h .
brahmasUtrapadaishchaivahetumadbhirvinishchitaiH ..
mahAbhUtAnyaha.nkArobuddhiravyaktameva cha .
indriyANidashaika.n cha pa~ncha chendriyagocharAH ..
ichchhA dveShaHsukhaM duHkhaM sa.nghAtashchetanA dhR^itiH .
etatkShetra.nsamAsena savikAramudAhR^itam.h) BG

than depended upon shastras , sahitya& vyakarana alone.”

Supreme Lord continued: “The various episodes of deva/guru praja/shishya samvada that constitute the shastras provide concise illustrations of spiritual illumination. In like manner, those who know shastras in devotion to the Paramatman will conceive an intelligent recreation to all that was formerly told in the shastras and thus shastras turn ultimate vaakya to the seeker which eventually lead him to the eternal truth."

Having said thus, the Brahman disappeared.