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Thread: Why Black?

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    And the intersesting things i know is,
    The first Deitys i know who standing on Shiva is Kali.
    and after that i know in Buddhist also have some Deitys standing on Shiva,
    this is very interseting for me, this is Shiva's Lila.
    Kali standing on shiva: The dance of kAla (time) and the lIlA of sristi-sthiti-laya-sthiti occurs on the 'chest' shiva who is just a mute witness...mute as a dead corspe.

    Buddhist deities trampling on Shiva or Kali is typically to represent the superiority complex of bauddhas vis-a-vis sanatana dharma and typically doesn't have any esoteric significant other than egoistic nastika demonstration of supremacy.
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    Re: Why Black?


    Mother Kali standing on Lord Shiva's chest? A different perspective here.

    When the Divine Mother transforms into Kali Ma through her rage and notions of vengeance, She is totally unstoppable!

    She will kill all of the demons and bad guys, but She will not stop there. The whole world is in danger!

    You have all heard how Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? Well, all the powers in the universe hath no fury like a Goddess scorned.

    There is only one who can stop Kali Ma when She goes on Her destructive rampages - Lord Shiva, her husband.

    By laying down prostrate at Her feet, Lord Shiva hopes that Kali Ma will step on Him and realise what She is doing and stop - 'oops, I just trod on my God-husband, I really shouldn't have done that'.

    Lord Shiva is saying to Kali Ma 'just take it all out on ME then calm down and go back to being the nice Goddess again...please'.

    That is why Lord Shiva is seen at Kali Ma's Feet.

    Aum Namah Shivaya

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