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Thread: Spiritual Inquiries: Thoughts, Imagination and Dreams

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    Post Spiritual Inquiries: Thoughts, Imagination and Dreams

    Here is a summery of the occult worldview about thoughts, emotions and dreams. It is not favoured by Science, as yet, but it bears a compelling logic:

    1. Thoughts are vibrations created on the mental plane. Thoughts originate in the mental body of a human (which is one of the seven bodies or vehicles of human consciousness). Human mind comprises four parts: manas (sensory, processing mind), chitta (storage of impressions), ahamkara (ego, the I-maker) and buddhi (that part which knows, decides, judges and discriminates).

    2. The sensory, processing mind (manas) usually resides in the physical brain. The storage of impressions (chitta), which is the equivalent of a hard disk of a computer system, resides in the mental body. (It is said that all the impressions are stored in the form of Akashic records on the higher mental plane.) The discreminating part (buddhi) resides in the causal body, and works on the higher mental plane. The ego (ahamkara), when it relates to the body and the manas, functions in the astral and lower mental planes, while the higher form of ego, the Self, functions in the higher mental, and makes the real man. The term man itself originated from manas, meaning
    that man is a Thinker.

    3. If thoughts are of an abstract nature, for example, the idea of a triangle, they create vibrations in the higher mental plane where all the archetypes of human thoughts reside. This is the area from where the poet is favoured by the Muse, the artist gets his inspiration, and the scientist a sudden revelation of a solution to a problem. The abstract thoughts percolate down to the physical brain via the lower mental, astral and physical planes, creating shapes of matter gathered in each plane. The shape is concrete, for example, an equilateral triangle, on the lower mental plane.

    4. If thoughts are of an emotional nature, benevolent or malevolent, they immediately descend to the astral planes, creating thought forms that get charged with immense power to move and strike the target, if there is any, or just hover like a cloud, if they are general emotions like anger. Love and devotions are two emotions that have the highest rates of vibration and connect to our higher bodies and the higher planes.

    5. Imaginations are concreate shapes given to an abstract idea. For example, a ghost is a shape in imagination, from the abstract idea of an evil or dark force or energy. Imaginations arise out of past experience, whose impressions are stored in (the chitta part of) our mind.

    6. Dreams are of two types. When we 'sleep over' a problem and get the solution in a dream or in sleep, this kind of revelation comes from the mental plane, not necessarily because of the thinker himself, but may be due to help from another being. We need to remember that the 'stream of consciousness' created by vague and idle thoughts are always pulsating around us. Our etheric brain absorbs some of them when we sleep, and dramatizes them into a world of its own. This accounts for the illogical, incoherent and often ghastly dreams that we have, which have nothing to do with either the surroundings of our life or with our own personal nature.

    7. The second type of dream is the actual life the astral body leads on the astral plane, during sleep of the physical body. When we sleep our consciousness gets focussed on this plane, releasing our astral body for action and its related experiences. Such experiences are hard to translate to the language of the physical world, which is why, we are unable to recollect our dreams clearly.

    The ideas presented here are the worldview of Theosophy (which is essentially based on Hinduism) and man's ancient traditions.

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    Re: Spiritual Inquiries: Thoughts, Imagination and Dreams

    For a year i have been having a dream about a beautiful baby bear so wonderful...and I feed it.

    Then suddenly this huge gigantic monster bear come and she is very hungry and begins to ransack the home I am always in when I dream this. She rampages...frightening me terribly...and even though she walks up to me and never even bears her teeth I am VERY upset by her.

    Someone said "Ursa major" the first time I dream this and something like..."if you feed the little one...the big one will careful."

    So recently as two nights ago the dream come again and since I am no longer feeding the bears at all I notice the one giant bear which is very scary..but never harm very very thin and sick...great chunks of hair missing and it is so gaunt it swaggers and can not bust up my home anymore. I am not afraid.

    They left together out of a hole in the wall made previously in an earlier dream I had about them.

    Because the fact this dream seems to pick up where it left off...and the fact that I chose to stop feeding...does this mean this dream is of the last kind. Some location in the astral realm?

    What is this astral realm? I do not want to harm a creature even in this place. But, I am unsure what this all means or if the astral realm is even real enough to be so concerned?

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    Re: Spiritual Inquiries: Thoughts, Imagination and Dreams

    namaste NayaSurya.

    The idea of the Astral realm is likely to be found in many religions. In Hinduism it is spoken of as
    the bhuvaloka--middle world (bhuvaH actually means the atomosphere), which is inhabited by disembodied souls, both human and animal. There is always a distance between the gross earth and subtle heaven, so this distance is viewed as a metaphysical realm in itself.

    I have no idea of what the gigantic mother and beautiful child bears in your dream might mean, but then since the motherly nature seems to predominate in your nature, as seen in your posts, your feeding the bear cub might have got its mother envious and angry.

    You might check if these interpretations are helpful:
    Dreams About Bears: Dream Meanings Explained

    dream themes
    रत्नाकरधौतपदां हिमालयकिरीटिनीम् ।
    ब्रह्मराजर्षिररत्नाढ्यां वन्दे भारतमातरम् ॥

    To her whose feet are washed by the ocean, who wears the Himalayas as her crown, and is adorned with the gems of rishis and kings, to Mother India, do I bow down in respect.

    --viShNu purANam

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    Re: Spiritual Inquiries: Thoughts, Imagination and Dreams

    Thank you for the links, I was thinking this perhaps fell into that astral category...but after reading your post I have change my mind.

    Because I was thinking this was an actual bear it didn't occur to me that it was symbolic for my own life.

    Those links speak of something out of control or speaking out of place and for the past year my oldest sister had been causing much trouble for our family as my bio father has been very ill and we all were going to see him. But, she became angry as she has a very severe mental problem, she has narcissistic personality disorder and is the one whom has delivered the greatest abuse to my younger sister and I. She is the one who burnt me with the push-in cigarette lighter in my parent's station wagon when I was a tiny baby girl. Sadly, she is very sadistic and this sort of violence was repeated our whole life.

    One year ago she told a very horrible lie to keep our family from visiting our father. Because this did not deter our plans she began getting more and more extreme. Her entire life is nothing but a lie. She uses these lies to get money from others or attention. She also uses her young son as a pawn to keep us in her life. One day this blew up and she told me that I was dead to her.

    But, thanks to this forum I did understand that she has an organic issue which makes her unable to really understand how violent she is...she is Beloved, but shrouded in a vessel which has sp many problems. Just as the innocent snake, she can not help but strike at us. This moment where she say I am dead became my liberation from the karma which she was giving me for my inability to put what I learned from you wise Beings to practical use.

    This has changed, as I Love you all and the last thing I would want is to cause hurt. I stop the vicious cycle which narcissists thrive upon. I Love her from this distance and do not get pulled back into the cycle.

    So, no more feeding the violent one....and I think I did find my bear and the reason behind it thanks to you.

    Which is good, because I could not figure out why I would dream of a bear, I do not watch television much so this was a very strange thing to be thinking about.

    Thank you again<3

    Another question, how long do Beings stay within the astral realm, and what is the purpose?

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