Wow! Im 33 now. Oh my GOD. I will never forget my passion and fascination. It is still there, but lazyness incredible has hindered it slightly. Oh Sade Sati, as soon as it hit my 12th in 2009 I lost my ex and I was in Saturn Venus...... Wow, things that I envisioned happening that scared the hell out of me well happened, happened nicely. I overcame it? It was always straight action. It strengthened me. I was in Sade Sati and Shandi Mahadasa, im no more in it. After the influence - I became lazier, I worked so hard that when I got a position that was laidback (and this happend close to the ending of sade sati/maha dasa) it made me lazy, but a blessing in disguise as well. Sigh, I still have big goals and aspirations. This is the year I will fight for it.