It appears to me that it is almost a taboo for a person to say they are a jivanmukta (self-realised or enlightened).

Perhaps to label oneself as enlightened would be to infer that individuals do exist (by the fact that we are different) and that an enlightened person should know better than to hint at such a thing.

It of course can be said that there is no such thing as an individual or enlightenment. It is avidya and Maya that veils. It does not mean that those who believe they are an individual will change on being told this, they may still feel a Guru is required.

Do we not risk stagnation as we wait for new fresh Gurus with the courage to tell the world they are enlightened to come along?

However most people refer to their Guru, so there must be people who have stepped up and offered their service.

I offer this slightly controversial post as I find the topic is one which is not so common and I would like to confirm if it is really a taboo to be a Jivanmukta in your opinion?