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Thread: Uttamasypurushasytwannyah

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    There are many souls , many great souls , many bad and good souls , many liberated and unliberated souls…call them Devtas or Demons….But the Super Soul is other and only ONE , It is common for all and It is on and above the is everywhere, My experience says..

    Can anybody deny it by quoting FROM the scriptures…

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    Re: Uttamasypurushasytwannyah

    What Krsn says…

    Jnaanam te’ham savijnaanam idam vakshyaamyasheshatah;
    Yajjnaatwaa neha bhooyo’nyaj jnaatavyamavashishyate.

    Means there are three main terms 1. Gyan [ knowledge , spiritual vidya ] 2. Vigyan [ science , avidya ] 3.Agyan [ ignorance ]

    Here Lord Krsn reiterates on the study of Vidya and Avidya both. A man is ignorant if he does not know about Vidya but he is equally ignorant if he does know about Avidya also.

    See what Veda says…

    Andham tamah pra vishanti ye vidyamupaste. Tato bhuya eva te tamo ya uavidyayamratah yaj 12/40

    Believing in the super soul is equally important as believing in properties of matter,and believing in properties of matter is only important when believing in super soul is in mind.

    In totality we can conclude that Avidya is only useful when there is Vidya in mind and this overrules all the factors of ignorant mind , not being the super soul’s ONENESS.

    Vedmantra below is sufficient to prove the Atma, not being Parmatma…

    Yadagne syamaham twam twam va gha sya aham rig8/44/23

    These gita shlokas also confirm it…

    Mayaa tatamidam sarvam jagadavyaktamoortinaa;
    Matsthaani sarvabhootaani na chaaham teshvavasthitah.
    All this world is pervaded by Me in My unmanifest aspect; all beings exist in Me, but I do
    not dwell in them.
    Na cha matsthaani bhootaani pashya me yogamaishwaram;
    Bhootabhrinna cha bhootastho mamaatmaa bhootabhaavanah.
    Nor do beings exist in Me (in reality): behold My divine Yoga, supporting all beings, but
    not dwelling in them, is My Self, the efficient cause of beings.

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    Re: Uttamasypurushasytwannyah

    I could not understand the trans of vedmantra...dwa suparna sayuja sakhayau....
    we find in gita as...Dwaavimau purushau loke ksharashchaakshara eva cha;
    Ksharah sarvaani bhootaani kootastho’kshara 15

    Two Purushas there are in this world, the perishable and the imperishable. All beings are
    the perishable, and the Kutastha is called the imperishable.
    Above stated perishable part can only be the BODY and therefore the second one being jeevatma . Therefore it is clear that parmatma is something other .
    Veda confirms as... Vishnu karmani pashyashi .

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