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After winning Grace with Realisation one has finally achieved, Liberation. Liberation is not Moksha, as liberation is achieving 'NO' more rebirth. Moksha is merging back in becoming one with God. When one has no more rebirth, one 'can' volunteer if one wants to come back into samsara for a specific purpose, but still must be given permission from a High. But who wants to come back? The purpose of life in samsara is to realise ones true self, that which is God.
very wise statement .
moksha may be an imaginary term but I don’t believe it to be philosophical too .
go to shloka 44/11 ch Arjuna talks logical as ..Prasadaye.. for the mercy and therefore in 45/11 says...praseedye.. be graceful O lord .
why because see 58/18 and 62/18 what goes to achieve moksha the peace .. tad prasadat prapyasi Sthanum..
jai Sri Krsna