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Thread: Can soul ever return to samsara after getting moksha.

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    Re: Can soul ever return to samsara after getting moksha.

    Quote Originally Posted by atlast View Post
    After winning Grace with Realisation one has finally achieved, Liberation. Liberation is not Moksha, as liberation is achieving 'NO' more rebirth. Moksha is merging back in becoming one with God. When one has no more rebirth, one 'can' volunteer if one wants to come back into samsara for a specific purpose, but still must be given permission from a High. But who wants to come back? The purpose of life in samsara is to realise ones true self, that which is God.
    very wise statement .
    moksha may be an imaginary term but I don’t believe it to be philosophical too .
    go to shloka 44/11 ch Arjuna talks logical as ..Prasadaye.. for the mercy and therefore in 45/11 says...praseedye.. be graceful O lord .
    why because see 58/18 and 62/18 what goes to achieve moksha the peace .. tad prasadat prapyasi Sthanum..
    jai Sri Krsna

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    Cool Re: Can soul ever return to samsara after getting moksha.

    There are many different terms which mean similar things. Moskha, Samadhi and so forth.

    Many levels of non-retrogression are there. I.e., one never loses them, but also one must be very careful.

    Satsang is so very helpful and important. Swamiji speaks about this..

    Satsang is described in many places.

    Tyagaraja, Sant Tukarama, some others sing about these things.

    Those bhajans are very nice.

    (Mods can you please reinstate my ability to post without waiting.)
    Gam Gam Ganapati

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    Re: Can soul ever return to samsara after getting moksha.

    Hello and Namaste,

    My understanding is that we are all by nature originally eternal beings who served Krishna. If that is the case, that we decided of our own free will to come to the material world from the realm of perfect Bliss and Beatitude, what is to stop us from doing so again, if that is our expression of free will?

    Another consideration is, if all conditioned souls get liberated, and that liberation is eternal, how can Krishna sport in his leelas here in this material world, kill the demons and save his devotees, etc. There would be no one to save, in that case, it seems to me.

    So I am of the opinion that there is always the possibility of coming down. That is my perspective.

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    Re: Can soul ever return to samsara after getting moksha.


    Being eternal does not mean "Soul" was serving Krishna. Those who are in the mode/mood of serving Krishna do continue to serve Krishan regardless of where they are - as the Service to Krishna. Such soul, who are already "Serving" Krishna, may take birth again ( again this is my personal understanding that, such soul will only take birth with its marginal portion - that will not go through any karma - as the service of Krishna continues in the birth as well) - this is not coming back or fall but BEING with Krishna and serving Krishna alone.

    In general, birth is due to Karma and thus, Serving Krshna and being part of His leela is still considered eternal. The concept of NithyaSooris will explain this philosophical understanding clearly.

    Hare Krishna.

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