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Thread: When to read Anu-gita?

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    When to read Anu-gita?

    When are people encouraged to read Anu-gita? When they are dead? Because I have read it has to do with the transmigration of souls. I guess the Bhagavad-gita has to do with incarnate life. Actually I have started reading Anu-gita. However I hope when people are dead they still progress spiritually. Maybe it would be good if there was something to study even then.

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    Re: When to read Anu-gita?

    When are people encouraged to read Anu-gita? When they are dead?
    Are you asking a serious question? Dead people don't go around reading books. Are you asking if the swamis chant it to the disembodied deceased like the Tibetans do with the Bardo thosgrol/Tibetan book of the dead? If the Vaishnavs do that, I've never heard of it. Anu-Gita follows Bhagavad-Gita. Have you read and digested the Bhagavad-Gita? I know I haven't and I've been reading it since since I was a child. It seems from your posts you're trying to swallow the universe and neglecting the foundation stones of learning the basics. There are more things to wisdom then mere regurgitated knowledge. In deeply esoteric mysticism, experience is preeminent. I love to read,but knowledge gained from books is superficial. The main message of the Mahabharat is to reach the Divine through bhakti.

    There just seems to be something missing here. Are you doing any spiritual practices or just reading spiritual books?
    Why don't you attend a temple and learn to sing a few devotional bhajans? I think you would go farther spiritually by that route.

    You're talking about beautiful teachings, but there is something more beautiful still. You're missing the true essence of Mahabharata. And that is Bhagavan, the Divine Beloved. This is a religion. And we who believe the reality of this religion also believe in the reality of these spiritual beings, in the reality of this Lord.

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