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Thread: hello, S.A.D.H.U

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    hello, S.A.D.H.U


    i was wondering, what is the difference between a Veda, and a Upanishad?

    thank you


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    Re: hello, S.A.D.H.U

    Namaste Jonathan

    Ved = knowledge (eternal)

    Vedas are the Divine Revelation with no beginning, since it reveals the Divine as it is. They are 'apurusheya', i.e do not have a human founder-author.
    They are revelations straight from God, and are so shockingly profound in how they reveal the Truth.

    This truth was passed on orally from Spiritual master to disciple earlier on.
    The memories and cognitive abilities of rishis (sages) of those ages were no comparision to Kali Yuga today.

    The original One Veda is divided into 4 parts by Veda VyAsaji in later ages .
    These divisions are 1. Rig Veda 2. SAma Veda 3. Yajur Veda 4. Atharva Veda

    Upanishads are sections or extensions of the Vedas.

    Upanishad in brief, means "The truths revealed by a Guru to disciples sitting under [a tree]"

    Each major upanishad belongs to a particular veda tree.
    While Vedas are at times esoteric, and superficial reading make them appear to be full of rituals, they have beautiful hymns glorifying the Divine, and simultaneously imparting knowledge of our divine existence.

    Upanishads extract from the Vedas the philosophy behind this Absolute Divine Truth.

    I shall stop here, and let us hope we hear some words of wisdom on this thread.

    [By the way, S.A.D.H.U. is disabled as you may have figured out.
    Your title "Hello SADHU" is misleading - that is why your qn remained unanswered.]

    I wish you all the best.
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    || Shri KRshNArpaNamastu ||

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    Re: hello, S.A.D.H.U

    Quote Originally Posted by truthseeker96 View Post

    i was wondering, what is the difference between a Veda, and a Upanishad?

    thank you


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