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Thread: Congress showing it's true colours

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    Congress showing it's true colours

    Hello friends,

    With a saddened heart I have to say, Anti-hinduism in India has taken a new dimension. Now the Mellecha politicians have come up with such ostensible devices as alleging apparent injustice to Muslims and Christians in that they are unrepresented in all forms of government jobs. So the latest blow to intellectuals and deserving people is that Muslims and other minorities are to get 10 + 5% quota in all forms of government jobs,educational institution etc.

    The report by the National Commission on Religious and Linguistic Minorities, headed by Justice Ranganath Mishra, former chief justice of India, has defined religious and linguistic minorities as backward classes and recommended 15 percent reservation for all minorities in jobs, education and welfare schemes. The panel was constituted in October 2004.

    So the idea is very clear, Madarsa educated Low IQ Muslims will be given jobs to support their innumerable flocks of kids and wives irrespective of whether they deserve or not, while slowly Hindus are to be strangulated till they take up to adharmic faiths or get lost in obscurity.It seems hindus will keep paying Jaziya in one form or other. I have no hope with sickular devils who support Congress and other anti-Indian and anti-hindu governments.

    It seems this is the darkest time for humanity, falsehood is the winner and truth and equality is loser. I wish lord shiva takes the form of kaal agni rudra and dissolves his creation.Devils have overwhelmed this world.
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