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Thread: GOA Trance music..

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    GOA Trance music..

    Invented in Goa India.. I'm confused to not be able to find Goa music that deals with Krishna. It was invented in India.. strange that I cant find anything.

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    Re: GOA Trance music..

    Earlier I posted asking people what they think of Goa, after probably telling too much about myself as a musician who does the style ( Are you sure it was invented only in Goa, or also in the area but maybe outside the city or even nearby ones?

    I did one piece with a flute about the time I was reading ISKON's well-illustrated Bhagavad-Gita that had a picture of Krishna with a flute, but I do not recall if I had Krishna in mind. For years I have wanted all my music to be spiritual, and so I will probably get around to making some Goa with mantras/chants for the Tridevi & Trimurti (incl. Vishnu/Krishna) as well as a few others.

    Goa is what got me into Classical Indian music, and most of the time it is more relaxing and interesting to me than trance, but I still like trance (of course Classical-inspired trance is the best kind.)

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    Re: GOA Trance music..

    From what I have read on the History of the style it claims that Goa is the originator of Goa.. I agree somewhat.. Todays Ambient and Trance turned me onto classical India music as well. I like a mix of Trance and Ambient with Classical Indian music the best.I myself create Electronic music leaning toward the Psybient style.. It's alot like ambient.. The difference between the 2 is.. Ambient is a music that creates an atmosphere.. where as Psybient tries to make a progressive mood like story.. Which usualy takes a whole album to portray.

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    Re: GOA Trance music..

    Anyone know of any new Goa trance using Indian instruments? I know about Space Zitar, Prosad, and Asian Stars, but that might have been all I have heard (besides music I made.) I'd like to hear a lot more of it.

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