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    Hari Om

    some of you are fortunate to be applying the bija (seed) mantra AIM of Saraswati in your daily meditations.
    This Saraswati is a wonderful principle found in the Rk Ved.

    A part of Her is sunrta or blissful Truth. Saraswati plays an important role. For me, She is the one that brings the richly-bright understanding (dhiyam ghrtacim). From this one gains Truth ( satyam or Truth of Being) and Ritam or Rita - that which only knows the Truth or the "right".

    Lets consider Saraswati's name. Saraswati is comprised of "saras" or flowing and "vati" or having. She then is known as she of the stream, the flowing movement. With the metaphor used in the Veda's, water is the ever present symbol for consciousness.

    Yet if we look a bit deeper we discover another view of Her: "Sa" = Full or all + "rasa" or taste + "vati" having, or possessing. She is the possessor of all rasa/tastes (there are considered 7 for this conversaton); the universal Mother in which all things come into being. Now, this holds well as we know that Saraswati is associated with Brahma the Creator of this universe, so Saraswati is that shakti (or energy) that allows/brings on this universe to manifest.

    This wonderful bija AIM
    vibration contains Her, that quality of "flowing consciousness" and inspiration. Towards what? to this Truth-consciousness (code word for Moksha or enlightenment). She holds and makes manifest this inspirational power to transform and provide insight. She brings on richly luminous thought (dhiyam ghrtacim sadhabta). This is why she is associated with wisdom, all wise = enlightenment, or working in the full sense, possessed of Truth ( satyam).

    But what of this rasa concept? As she owns them , the root of all, these 7 rasa's are 6 + water [ sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, astringent + water]. Some call these 7: ksara or bitter-tasting food, milk, yogurt, ghee, sugarcane juice, honey, and water. Each is associated with a planet/graha ( Jupiter owns ghee, milk is associated with Mars for its energy giving properties, yogurt cools the system some call this lassi and is owned by Venus, etc etc)

    This 'rasa' as the root of all also is associated with the Saptama (or 7th division) in ones birth chart. The 7th division is associated with relationships + sexual relationships that yield children . Hence Saraswati as the universal Mother that brings one into this creation via procreation.

    Hence, Saraswati brings into our active consciousness this great flood of Truth consciousness, from her bija.

    Om Sri Aim Saraswatiye Namaha!
    यतस्त्वं शिवसमोऽसि
    yatastvaṁ śivasamo'si
    because you are identical with śiva


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    Re: Sara+swathi

    saraH asyAH asti sarasvati

    sa rasa vati = sarasavati
    Guard your Dharma, Burn the Myth, Promote the Truth, Crush the superstition.

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    Post Re: Sara+swathi


    sarasvatI derives from sara-svatA; with sara derived from sR, and with svatA from svatva or svatra.

    sR means to run, to flow, to speed, to glide, to move, to go, to spring, or to blow; to run away and to run after; and to cross or traverse.

    svatva indicates a proprietary right or property, and especially independence or self-existence; with tva being thine and sva as ones own.

    sarasvatva indicates the self-motivated flow of being or existence; and sarasvatra indicates self-preservation and eternal salvation. And both indications are implicit in sarasvatA, and thus in the name sarasvatI.

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