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Thread: Listen to the Puranas online

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    Listen to the Puranas online

    Listen and read to the purana's and read the four vedas.

    The four vedas are available with Hindi translation of Vedamurti taponishta pandit shrirama sharma aacharya and bhagavati devi sharma.

    The puranas are available for reading in Hindi translation from Gita Press and other publishers.

    Most important, you can listen to the puranas being read by several volunteers. It's in Hindi.

    Bhagavat Puran
    Bhavishya Puran
    Brahma Puran
    Kurma Puran
    Markandya Puran
    Narada Puran
    Narasimha Puran
    Shiva Puran
    Vamana Puran
    Vishnu Puran
    Padma Puran
    Agni Puran
    Matsya Puran
    Skanda Puran
    Varaha Puran
    Garuda Puran
    Brahmanda Puran

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