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Thread: Sikh Sabhas Demystified

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    Re: Sikh Sabhas Demystified

    I wonder about this. Why won't the 'disrespect' of Guru Granth Sahib be tolerated? After all, isn't it just a book made up of some paper?

    OR has it become an idol !??

    The Sikh bodies through a resolution steadfastly maintained that any disrespect to Guru Granth Sahib or any challenge to its guruship will not be tolerated and will be dealt firmly with full force

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    Re: Sikh Sabhas Demystified

    Why did they target for demonization and eventually kill this man, Rulda Singh, head of Rashtriya Sikh Sangh?

    Rulda Singh center wearing kesri siropa. Next to him on left is former Head jathedar of Akal Takhat Vendanti.

    1 Dec 2009
    "CHANDIGARH: Giving a new twist to the Rulda Singh murder case, Punjab police on Sunday named NRIs Gursharanjit Singh and Manjeet Singh as prime accused who came all the way from UK to execute the contract killing. According to cops, the British Sikh Council had planned the murder.

    President of Punjab Rashtriya Sikh Sangat, Rulda Singh was shot at in July this year in Patiala. DIG SK Asthana had earlier revealed that the murder was masterminded by Paramjit Singh Pamma at the behest of Jagtar Singh Tara and other leaders of terror banned group Babbar Khalsa International."

    UK body behind Rulda Singh murder

    "Four men were arrested in the West Midlands over the murder of a controversial and high-profile Sikh politician in India last year. West Midlands Police said the suspects, who are all British nationals, were detained in Wolverhampton, Coventry and Smethwick, near Birmingham, in connection with the murder of Rulda Singh, a leader of the Sikh wing of India's main opposition party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

    Singh was seriously wounded in a drive-by shooting by two gunmen on a motorbike outside his home in Patiala, Punjab, in July last year. He died in hospital two weeks later. Investigations into his killing launched by police in Britain and India focused on his role in Sikh religious affairs and bitter feuds within Sikh politics in both countries.

    As a BJP general secretary responsible for the party's relations with Sikhs and other Indians living overseas, Singh was well-connected with senior BJP figures. But according to detectives in India, it was his role in the pro-BJP Sikh cultural organisation, the Rashtriya Sikh Sangat, which led to the plot to assassinate him.

    The Sangat was set up to improve relations between Sikhs and Hindus after years of conflict following the rise of the Sikh separatist movement, the 1984 attack by Indian forces on Amritsar's Golden Temple, the centre of Sikhism, the subsequent murder of Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards and the massacre of Sikhs which followed.

    Ranbir Khatra, Senior Superintendent of Police in Patiala, told The Daily Telegraph he believed Singh was murdered by members of the Babbar Khalsa International terrorist group, which wants an independent Sikh homeland called Khalistan, and the British Sikh Council.

    "He had differences with the radical people who were opposed to his proposal to install the Guru Granth Sahib (Sikhism's Holy Book) in Hindu temples," he said.

    His proposal had provoked angry protests against a meeting of his Rashtriya Sikh Sangat in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh last year to discuss it.

    Radical Sikh separatists regarded Mr Singh as anti-Sikh over the issue, but there was greater suspicion of him after revelations that he had been secretly met some leading separatist figures, including members of the British Sikh Council, to find common ground."
    He was killed for promoting Sikh-Hindu unity by the powerful separatist groups who collaborate with Pakistan on point of anti-Indian, anti-Hindu agendas and seek to work with China as part of greater political agenda to divide up India and break off Jammu, Kashmir and Punjab. And dear, that's what's really behind the mainstream rhetoric being spouted in Sikh sangat and why it is so oppositional to anything Hindu in Sikh heritage.

    "The government of New Dehli made an official protest for the content of an article appeared on a Chinese site that aims to divide India in “20-30 small states” giving support to guerillas and nationalist movements present on the territory of the great nation or abroad.

    Posted on April 8 on the website (International Institute for Strategic Studies) the article detailed a roadmap for breaking up India. There it is stated: “To split India, China can bring into its fold countries like Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan, support ULFA in attaining its goal in Assam’ independence, back aspirations of Indian nationalities like Tamil and Nagas, encourage Bangladesh to give a push to the independence of West Bengal and lastly recover the 90,000 sq km territory in southern Tibet.”

    Balkanization of India: a roadmap of Beijing?
    Diaspora especially has now had decades of mischievous parchaar by Khalistani factions and is RADICALLY anti-Hindu, so please, don't deny it. Can't even stomach that RAM actually means RAJA RAM, or that Chandi actually means Chandi Devi.

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    Re: Sikh Sabhas Demystified

    Satay Ji writes:
    "I wonder about this. Why won't the 'disrespect' of Guru Granth Sahib be tolerated?"
    It's really just a propaganda war inflamed by forces utterly hostile to Sikhism, Hinduism, India, and authentic message of Guru Sahibaan. And sadly, if anyone really wants to research the issue and take of blinders of ignorant emotionally-charged agitating is political.

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    Re: Sikh Sabhas Demystified

    Why was this man killed?

    Sant Baba Ramanand Ravidasi (center)

    "VIENNA, (Xinhua) -- A shooting was occurred in the Austrian capital Vienna yesterday, which caused at least 16 people injured. The shooting incident happened in an Indian temple in Vienna. Due to the sermon by a Guru of Sikh from India, the temple attracted from 150 to 350 worshippers on that day.

    According to the police, fighting happened when the Guru was preaching. Six men, with one armed with a gun and the others knives, tried to attack and shoot the preacher and his two aides.

    Other worshippers rushed to his aid, unarmed and hit these six attackers, who were severely wounded and one of them was still in the risk of life, Bernhard Segal, an official from Emergency Center Vienna, said.

    The spokesman for Vienna police Michael Takacs admitted that it was hard till now to know how many people were exactly affected in this incident, because the scene was chaotic and many people fled, when the shooting happened.

    According to the Austria Press Agency (APA), the preaching Guru was also injured by shooting, and his two aides were severely wounded with the risk of life."

    At least 16 worshippers hurt in Vienna shooting

    Sant Baba Ramanand Ji's bhog

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    Re: Sikh Sabhas Demystified

    So suspiciously it was radical Dal Khalsa, which had earlier in the year publicly called for Sikh community to "Smash" using any force necessary those sects and deras who were "undermining Sikh fundamentals." Interestingly, same Dal Khalsa body actively promoted with life size posters Babbar Khalsa leaders, Khalistan Zindabad Force leaders, and these are two militant groups which initially took public credit for the Ravidasi assassination, and as the public backlash created riots in Punjab and was literally known to be botched as shooting into a sangat of women and children and harming innocents, both militant bodies immediately denied involvement.

    That left Dal Khalsa holding the bag, which publicly pressured Akal Takht head jathedar and SGPC to fund an international team of lawyers to defend the Ravidasi shooters while maintaining culpable deniability.

    "Chandigarh, Aug 11 (IANS) Radical Sikh group Dal Khalsa Tuesday demanded the Sikhs’ highest temporal body, the Akal Takht and Amritsar-based Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) send a joint fact-finding team to Vienna to probe the May shoot-out at a gurdwara there.
    “We want them to send a team to Vienna to ascertain the reasons and circumstances that led to the shootout at the gurdwara,” Dal Khalsa spokesperson Kanwarpal Singh said.

    The Dal Khalsa also submitted a memorandum to the Akal Takht jathedar (highest priest) and urged him to lend a legal support for the suspects of the Vienna incident.

    “All the suspects have full right to defend themselves in a court of law and the jathedar should arrange a team of lawyers from Punjab and Europe to plead their case,” added Singh.

    Widespread violence erupted in Punjab following a bloody clash in the Vienna gurdwara May 24, where the top two leaders of the Dera Sachh Khand sect, who are followers of Guru Ravidass and belong to the Dalit Sikh community, were attacked with knives and firearms.

    While the sect head Niranjan Dass was injured seriously in the attack, his second in command, Sant Rama Nand Dass, died from gunshot wounds."

    Dal Khalsa urges apex Sikh body to probe Vienna shoot-out
    Then followed the ridiculous denials. This was an internal squabble and Ravidasis did it themselves. Indian government grew beards and pretended to be Sikhs and did it so Sikhs would look bad. It wasn't Jats against Chamars...even as internet and Sikh forums exploded with anti-Chamar hatred. And it so clearly was what Indian intelligence had been warning about, a joint Sikh militant-Pakistani jihadi effort to destabilize Punjab and create sectarian violence. And the most obvious fact of all, all these assassinations are directed at SANATAN SIKHS!~

    Killers of Sant Ramanand Ji - NeverForget 24May 2009


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    Re: Sikh Sabhas Demystified

    Originally Posted by darshansingh
    Harjas Kaur, you are brilliant. (This is sarcasm, for the uninitiated)

    Now its high time you put photos of baba ashutosh, baba dera sacha sauda and nirankari baba and tell everybody that they are sikhs, and what they preach is sikhism.

    The name "Kaur" lifted you from being an ordinary girl to a "Princess"
    Don't insult the guru who made you the "Princess"

    Sikh protests and public death threats against Baba Ram Rahim of Dera Sacha Sauda for crime of dressing up like Guru Gobind Singh and making own amrit ceremony.

    Sikhs protest Baba Asutosh

    "Ludhiana: One person was killed and many were injured in a clash between police and Sikh protestors in Ludhiana on Saturday. Sikh protestors were tried to disrupt a religious conference of controversial sect leader Ashutosh Maharaj in this largest city of Punjab. Police fired in the air and lobbed tear gas on Sikh protesters who tried to attack the conference venue located on the Ludhiana-Chandigarh road.

    "We tried to stop them but they attacked the police and tried to forcibly cross the barricades. They had come with full preparation and were carrying sticks and swords. To control the situation, police had to fire in the air to disperse mob," a police official said. At least 10 vehicles, including those of the police, were also damaged by the protesters. Police sources said that one person was killed due to a bullet injury in chest."

    One killed, many injured in Ludhiana as protest goes violent

    Injured Bhai Amolak Singh jee comforted by Baba Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, 1978 following the Sant Nirankari clash with Damdami Taksal and Akhand Kirtani Jatha protesters. Over 100 fundamentalist Sikhs protested the Sant Nirankari convention. Reports widely vary and have become exagerrated over time. So let's look at the police reports and see if it's similar to the violence we see happening today.

    "All the evil they did was in the name of God. And they did all that was evil. The murder of innocents, torture, rape, extortion, the desecration of temples, the abuse of sanctuaries, and a limitless host of other crimes that do not bear mention next to these.

    They did it, they said, to avenge the ‘injustices’ done to the Sikhs by the Hindus; to defend the Faith against the machinations of the ‘evil Brahmins’ who were out to destroy it; to protect the lives and liberties of ‘persecuted Sikhs’ against an inimical and communalised State.

    They had simply borrowed their contemporary mythology from the Akalis. But the creed of hatred that had been propagated for decades was suddenly translated into action. Its source and centre remained in the Gurudwaras; but its idiom was now the bullet and the bomb.

    Every instrument and strategy was adopted to perpetuate the myth, to authenticate it: selective killings; the alternating desecration of Hindu and Sikh religious places; sermons of a malevolent rage - anything that could drive a wedge between communities; anything that could incite a slaughter of the Hindus in the state, and a retaliatory pogrom against the Sikhs in the rest of India. That could have fulfilled their ambitions...

    The most dramatic killings, the ones that were projected to the greatest extent by the terrorists themselves, were always of the Hindus, or of other ‘enemies of the Faith’, such as the ‘apostate Sant Nirankaris’. But the most consistent victims, and perhaps the most dreaded opponents of the terrorists, were Sikhs. The terrorists claimed to speak for the entire Panth. Thus, any Sikhs who questioned their authority to do so, who questioned their actions, who exposed the immorality of their methods was a far greater danger to them than the Hindus could ever be. They threatened the credibility of the great myth. And they, above all others, had to die for it...

    The incident to which the genesis of the terrorist movement in Punjab is traced, occurred in April 1978. The SGPC White Paper gives the Akali version of the background against which violence occurred. "....the Nrinkaris of Delhi," it observes, "were clandestinely supported and promoted by the Government in pursuance of its policy to create a schism and ideological confusion among the Sikhs."2 And further, "The provocative utterances and activities brought the Nrinkaris into open clash with the Sikhs. In 1951, at Amritsar, the then Nrinkari Chief Avtar Singh, held a Satsang attended by his about two hundred followers [sic]. Some Sikhs clashed with the Nrinkari chief as he had committed an act of sacrilege by proclaiming himself a Guru in the presence of the Guru Granth Sahib. These bickerings continued and ultimately the two important Sikh organisations known as the Damdami Taksal and the Akhand Kirtni Jatha also came forward to confront the attack of the Nrinkari...

    The SGPC version is interesting, both in terms of what it attempts to conceal as of the mind-set it exposes. Given their own evaluation of the background, violence could easily have been predicted...

    This is not all. Shortly before the ‘totally unarmed’ protesters set out for the venue of the Nirankari Convention, they had assembled in the Golden Temple, where the then Akali Dal Revenue Minister, Jeevan Singh Umranangal tried, unsuccessfully, to explain away the Government’s decision to allow the Nirankari Convention to take place. Bhindranwale interrupted the proceedings, shouting "We will not allow this Nirankari convention to take place. We are going to march there and cut them to pieces!"7 No precautionary measures were taken in response.

    A procession of a few hundred agitated Sikhs, led by Bhindranwale and by Fauja Singh of the Akhand Kirtani Jatha, then left the Golden Temple and set out for the Nirankari Convention. On the way, in what was perhaps the first act of gratuitous violence by the future terrorists of ‘Khalistan’, they hacked off the arm of a Hindu sweetmeats seller. On arriving at the convention, they rushed the stage on which the chief of the Nirankaris was seated; Fauja Singh drew his sword and tried to behead the Nirankari leader; he was shot by a bodyguard. In the skirmish that followed, two of Bhindranwale’s followers, another eleven of the Akhand Kirtani Jatha, and three Nirankaris were killed [Bhindranwale himself is said to have fled the scene just as the violence broke out, and this was a sore point between him and the Akhand Kirtani Jatha. Fauja Singh’s widow often described Bhindranwale as a ‘coward’ for running away on this occasion, and blamed him for her husband’s death]."
    Punjab: The Knights of Falsehood
    Following the attack on Sant Nirankaris which resulted in 60 injuries from the Sikh side and 13 deaths, Bhindranwale offered to weigh the man in gold who would assassinate Sant guru Gurbachan Singh Nirankari. Ranjit Singh shot and killed him, and while still in prison serving the sentence was elected next Jathedar of Akal Takht.

    The FIR named twenty people for the murder, including several known associates of Bhindranwale, who was also charged with conspiracy to murder. Ranjit Singh surrendered in 1983, and was in jail for 13 years. In 1990, while still in Tihar Jail, he was named the Akal Takht Jathedar, and took over the post when he was released in 1996.

    According to a Hindustan Times report, Ranjit Singh said about the murder: "I have no regrets. I did it for the Panth (community)."

    In 1997, the Delhi High Court upheld his conviction and cancelled bail. Ranjit Singh refused to surrender. The government quickly ordered a remission of the remaining part of his sentence to avoid a confrontation [10].

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    Re: Sikh Sabhas Demystified

    Why was this man killed?

    Mahraz Darshan Das Ji

    Author: LK
    Date: 04-09-06 15:43

    Who was Darshan Das, and what were his 'kartota' (i.e. why was he shot by Singhs in the UK)
    Would appreciate a brief summary =)
    Author: R Singh
    Date: 04-10-06 20:16

    can someone please reply to this? I have close friends who believe in this person and they claim "terrorists" killed him because he was a threat to traditional Sikhi.
    Author: ...
    Date: 04-11-06 03:56

    Darshan daasi was an imposter Guru who called him self Guru. He use to do parchaar in sangat. His parchaar was sometimes calm and made sence. But it was the crazy things he started saying. He started to claim that every Singh and Kaur after Guru Gobind Singh aren't Gursikhs and there is no Khalsa. It was stupid things like that which resulted his death. I think it was Manjit Singh of UK who shot him when they were siting in sangat. At this time Manjit Singh was a new amritdhari Singh and had alot of josh inside him. After his life imprisonment his family was slandered left right and centre.
    I believe Akaal Takhat should issue a Hukamnama stating that if any one attends the Darshan Daasi's son's sangat then they will be boycotted.
    Author: Moorakh Mugad Eean
    Date: 04-11-06 04:13

    To put it simply, he claimed he was above Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Mahraj, he disrespected our Gurus, and from what i hear he actually did be-addbi of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji.

    He eventually claimed to be God and said that Guru Sahibaan were nothing in comparison.

    After that someone pulled a gun on him at one of his programs and said,
    "if you are God, then stop THIS", shooting him straight in the head.

    One of his sevadaars were also shot.
    Author: LK
    Date: 04-11-06 09:26

    The Singhs were Manjit Singh and Rajinder Singh and recieved 20/30 years of imprisonment (not sure who got how much)

    Author: seva
    Date: 04-11-06 10:51

    Darshan das did some wrong things with his female followers.

    His entorage was bricked by sangat in Gravesend. A little while later, he was shot in Southall.

    His son does funny parchaar. It is so basic, you know straight away he is no spiritual person. Most local granthis do better parchaar than him. Listening to his parchaar is like going to kindergarten.
    Author: yo
    Date: 04-11-06 11:08

    he put guru ji in a suitcase and sat on the suitcase, the two singhs dressed as some of his snaget members and went to one of his programs and shot him, the two singhs were then attacked by the darshan dasi sangat and were imprisoned, they are supposed to be out in a year or two, i have pictures of these gursikhs and i will try to scan them and upload on here
    Author: LK
    Date: 04-12-06 02:38

    he put guru ji in a suitcase and sat on the suitcase, the

    any evidence?
    Author: singhee laad
    Date: 04-20-06 06:48

    Rajinder Singh and Manjit singh are true Lions of the panth, they punished that badmash dassi'a properly. his dera is nearby and i know the kurtoota he used to get up to.

    He was doing what the RSS is doing now in the 80's, he would promote indian nationalism, and openly condemn the sikh freedom movement.

    as previous posts have stated he would also twist gurbani and insult guru sahbian, he has his own greeting... "nanak naam chardi kala ther bahnae sarbaht da bhala"

    All his followers would wear tilaks, he would sit on a throne and called him self maharaj darshan daas jee.

    those sooorbeer yode, couldnt take this and took the right action, at the trial the judge said that all they had to do was admit that they did wrong and he would sentance them leniantly, they said that they did right and they would do it again, they are serving life.

    They send letters from jail, this letters put me to shame, the chardi kala of these singhs is unbelievable, they are so inspiring and still urge the youth to fight all the anti-panthic elements that exist. i will try and post one of their letters on here.....

    If we had more gursikhs like thses all these sadhs would think twice before acting....
    Author: Raj Singh
    Date: 04-25-06 05:43


    Darshan Das was not punished for talking against the freedom movement; he was punished for the following reasons:

     He called himself the true and last guru; he made mockery of the Sikh Gurus and the great Shaheeds of the Khalsa Panth. He referred to himself has Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

     He sat higher than Dhan Dhan Siri Guru Granth Sahib Maharaaj, no satkhar (respect) was given to Guru Maharaj, and he distorted Gurbani and made people believe that he was the true savior.

     He preached that Sikhs and Sikhi do not exist, and that Sikhs are a mixture of Hindus and Muslims , we should all be clean shaven and wear white turbans with white dhotis and we should all have a red tilak on our fore heads.

     He destroyed hundreds of families in desperate need, with trickery and by using standard magic tricks and black magic. Families where broken up and women began to abandon their children to live with him and his bodyguards.

     Bullying, intimidation, rape and black mail was used by him and his followers to extort money and stop people leaving.

    Bhai Rajinder Singh and Manjit Singh watched his occult grow in two years, one needs to ask the question, where does one who is supposed to be a victim of the 1984 riots, gets the money to set up 24 bases in England

    Bhai Rajinder Singh and Manjt Singh followed Dashan Dasi for six months, before carrying out the mission. The two Lions presented themselves before Guru Maharaaj just like Bhai Beant & Satwant Singh, did Ardaas took a Hukamnama,

    Both the Singhs gunned down Darshan Dasi in Southall in front of 400 people, along with two of his armed bodyguards. Both Singhs stood their ground and were beaten and severely wounded by his followers, but did not fire back or fight back.

    In true Khalsa tradition the Singhs did not plead insanity, or show any regret or remorse for what they did.

    Bhai Rajinder Singh was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment, and Bhai Manjit was sentenced to 20 years. Bhai Rajinder sacrificed the love of his two young children and wife to up hold the tradition of the Khalsa.

    Whilst in prison the two lions commissioned and edited a set of magazines, call ‘Khalistan dian Gunyaa’ occasionally writing from prison to inspire others around them.

    Author: Humble Das
    Date: 05-02-06 07:38

    i would just like to say al the above messages are rumours and have no firm evidence in what is being said, i am aware of many Darshan Dassi followers and have nothing against these individuals they have not put down the Sikh faith in anyway. To be honest they encouraged me to practice my Sikh faith more so. to discuss any issues re photos in the Des Pardes etc just shows how low individuals will go, pictures of his dead body and other things that have been mentioned are insulting weather they are good or bad individuals. You all discuss issues re: Pro indian government etc, why have we decided to bring politics into our faith?

    Remember the almight Nanak is the only supreme who can judge. To take any man/womans life is a sin!
    Author: ME
    Date: 01-30-07 14:57

    Maharaj Darshan Das he was the best Individual that actually preached the truth. All he ever wanted and preached was to love one another and no fighting. Yet at such a young age because of two hedious people who shot and killed him and two other great followers back in 87' just because they felt he was a threat to the Sikh community. The sad part is they never really saw the beauty and practical guidance that he was offering. He always said at the end of the day, it's up to you if you want to put the guidance to good use. That did not give them the right to assassinate him. Personally, they were chickens instead of communicate their feelings and beliefs they tried to act like followers with guns. They not only killed such a good person, but they took a Husband away from his wife, a father away from his sons, and a good leader from his followers. I will always say. He was the best person to enter in our lives. He was not a threat to anyone. It's sad that the murders did not see that way. Maharaji always said "Always do good for others in your life." Is that why he got assassinated! It's going to be almost 20yrs since he passed. As a follow, I miss him very much. His good works are part of my memories and those murderers can never take that away from the followers. He was only in his 30's. The murderes spoilt it for themselves, their families, and us. We loved him very much and his presence are deeply missed. A good person was taken away from us and now we have to pay the consequences because of the murderers heinous act. Believe in yourself and God, there was never any need to do this. He was not a threat to anyone or anything!

    Darshan Das
    "The most dramatic killings, the ones that were projected to the greatest extent by the terrorists themselves, were always of the Hindus, or of other ‘enemies of the Faith’, such as the ‘apostate Sant Nirankaris’. But the most consistent victims, and perhaps the most dreaded opponents of the terrorists, were Sikhs.

    The terrorists claimed to speak for the entire Panth. Thus, any Sikhs who questioned their authority to do so, who questioned their actions, who exposed the immorality of their methods was a far greater danger to them than the Hindus could ever be. They threatened the credibility of the great myth. And they, above all others, had to die for it..." ~K.P.S. Gill, Knights of Falsehood.

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    Re: Sikh Sabhas Demystified

    Sadly, we are well beyond the point of no return when it comes to Sikh-Hindu Unity efforts.

    Why was this man killed?

    Tara Singh Hayer, journalist paralyzed in one assassination attempt and killed in the other.

    "Dave Hayer can still remember his mother’s screams as he arrived at the family’s house in Surrey after getting a panicked call from his sister about an emergency. “They killed him, they killed him,” his mom Baldev cried, as his three sisters tried to comfort her. Tara Singh Hayer, already paralysed in a 1988 attempt on his life, had been gunned down in the garage of his Surrey home. It was just before dinner on Nov. 18, 1998. He was 62.

    Now, 10 years after the assassination of the outspoken publisher of the Indo-Canadian Times, The Vancouver Sun has learned there were at least three simultaneous plots to kill Hayer, all linked to his vocal criticism of the tactics used by a handful of violent Sikh separatists in B.C...

    Hayer made enemies because of his commentary in the Times, the Surrey-based Punjabi language newspaper he had published for years. He regularly targeted militants in the International Sikh Youth Federation and the Babbar Khalsa, groups that were later banned as terrorist in Canada.

    But Hayer had a secret he had shared with just a few before his murder — he had agreed to be a witness in the Air India case, having told the RCMP that he once overheard Babbar Khalsa leader Ajaib Singh Bagri confess to the plot.

    An assassination. A dead journalist. A witness in the Air India case.

    All make the Hayer murder different from a standard homicide. It is different because of “the type of crime that it is and the fact that it is linked totally to the Air India bombing,” Bass said."
    No charges in Tara Singh Hayer's assassination, 10 years later

    Air India 182 - Trailer

    MP Ujjal Dosanjh target of Facebook threats

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    Re: Sikh Sabhas Demystified

    Quote Originally Posted by Harjas Kaur View Post
    Sadly, we are well beyond the point of no return when it comes to Sikh-Hindu Unity efforts.

    Why was this man killed?

    Tara Singh Hayer, journalist paralyzed in one assassination attempt and killed in the other.

    Air India 182 - Trailer

    MP Ujjal Dosanjh target of Facebook threats
    Hmm... I think Darshan Singh (surd) has given up. lol... foolish man. Men the Akali Sikhs have become like jihadis. We Hindus must stop them. Never show any mercy to them (only if they trouble us). Wage a Dharamyudh if they trouble us. Remember Ahimsa Paramo dharma, Himsa tataiva cha. After all peace attempts have failed, a Just-War must be declared as said in Bhagavad Geeta.

    Jai Hind.
    Jai Shree Ram.

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    Re: Sikh Sabhas Demystified


    Aah, the times gone by in this forum, when we learnt so much about history!

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