All I can say is that the Tat Khalsa sikhs would go to any lengths to drive a wedge between Hindus and Sikhs, as the survival of their political leadership depends on a separate identity.

I don't doubt that just like the way they have suppressed ALL of their sanatani sikh scriptures, one day they will rewrite GGS to purge it of the names of Hindu gods and replace them with some fictional characters, maybe from the star war movies. How does Hun Solo, the god who is 'rammaa huaa in kan kan' sound in place of Ram? That will surely get the Hindus off their backs and give them the uniqueness that they have strived for.


PS, no matter how you cut it, it is Ram Bhagwan, whether in the form of His avatar as son of Dashrath, or as Lord Vishnu Himself. Reference is to the same supreme. Splitting hair with creative translations will not change who HE is. He is 'Ramma huaa' whether you like it or not. If Ram's name hurts the sikh sensibilities, like I said, maybe they should invent some new names and rewrite GGS with those names.