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Thread: Everyone should know the truth about aggressive Islam!~

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    Re: Everyone should know the truth about aggressive Islam!~

    Whenever someone says they know the truth i become very scared of them

    I know the truth.

    Am I spooking you.

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    Re: Everyone should know the truth about aggressive Islam!~

    >>Speaking the truth about malfeasances of corrupted religious teachings and their fanatical cohorts which engage in abusive criminality is not a wrongdoing. To note actual facts of wrongdoing is not nindya.<<

    "So what is the truth? I have heard muslims say that they possess the truth"
    Can you see the illogical switch here? Let me make it plainer.
    Speaking the truth about malfeasances as per the OP
    2. Declaring to articulate a religious absolute philosophy.

    Kindly note those are not the same things. One is referencing proven criminal wrongdoing and pointing to the adharma of a religious doctrinal justification for it. The other is making some bold pronouncement of absolutism and insisting that others follow it, which, hence, leads to the first problem. But they are NOT the same things. Per the OP the tendency was noted that in several countries aggressive Muslim missionaries have engaged in date rape and other Romeo-style seduction of young girls from other religions in order to coerce conversions. These people have even videotaped the victims for blackmail purposes. The Quran and Hadiths which justify these abhorrent activities have already been cited. If you have a divergent opinion perhaps you could debate those sources directly rather than dissassemble by means to obscure and conceal the actual point, and to digress going completely off the cliff with irrelevant counterpoints about religious absolutism rather than criminal wrongdoing.

    "they have facts of the corruption of western society how they have murdered and raped thousands of Palestinans and murdered Iraqi children, 500,000 killed through US sanctions - this is all backed by facts and stats."
    So is your counterpoint that since western countries have started a war and engaged in brutalities that aggressive missionary campaigns to rape and seduce non-Muslim population is acceptable? Have Hindu's and Sikhs also gone to war with Muslims and committed these "mass atrocities" whereby they are singled out as the most frequent victims? Your "logic" eludes me completely, since it is clearly a religious schema and not a political retaliation necessarily targeting white westerners, but rather targeting desi populations.

    "Statistics can be moulded to whatever a person desires."
    Statistics were never the focus of the OP it was a side derailment you just now introduced in your counter-argument about the statistics involving western crimes against Muslim population which is entirely irrelevant to a discussion about aggressive and underhanded missionary conversion tactics.

    "Whenever someone says they know the truth i become very scared of them, nobody knows anything close to the truth each knows his or her own peculiarities and that is all."
    Since you are making an assertion about a point which was never made anywhere in this thread (i.e., Absolute spiritual conviction or "Truth" by philosophical definition) then your comments about being "afraid" of such absolutism must be taken in context to refer to the absolute scriptural justifications that rapists in the name of missionary coercion are themselves using, and yes, I agree with you that aggressive and criminal missionary activities against impressionable young girls and young women is abhorrent in the extreme and I fear for assault against society by such fanatical religionists who justify Adharma, as you seem to be doing.

    "I have heard muslims say that they possess the truth that they have facts of the corruption of western society..."
    Did you not just aggressively defend rapist Muslim missionaries by countering that atrocities committed by the West. Is this the given justification for coerced conversions under date rape, compulsion, videotaped blackmail and impregnation of young girls and women belonging to religions other than Islam?

    "nobody knows anything close to the truth each knows his or her own peculiarities and that is all."
    You don't believe the OP video of the mother crying because of what happened to her own 15 year old daughter as a result of an aggressive adult Muslim missionary impregnating and indoctrinating her? Or perhaps these stories are simply "inconvenient truths" that aggressively pro-Muslim supporters like yourself would prefer to ignore in avalanche of irrelevancy about philosophical Absolutism, the Western military venture and Statistics.

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    Re: Everyone should know the truth about aggressive Islam!~

    Everything you have quoted is a partial truth, one aspect of the total situation. The danger is when this partial truth is taken to be a whole truth. Not in the metaphysical sense of Truth, but the truth of the whole of what can be called the 'Muslim Problem'. What is the value of going on a 'crusade' against muslims, trying to expel them from the 'Holy Land'. This crusade will only cause more suffering in the Psyche of human beings. The only criteria for revealing information and forcing issues should be whether it will be beneficial for the mass of people who consume it. From my viewpoint creating more animosity by emphasising strongly various partial truths is not beneficial for the mass of people.

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    Re: Everyone should know the truth about aggressive Islam!~

    "Everything you have quoted is a partial truth, one aspect of the total situation."
    You seem to be the mahabhagavat. Can you clarify for us which part of the OP is true and which part is not true? Or have you abandoned the original post entirely top go off on your pro-Muslim tirade blindly disregarding the warnings that aggressive missionaries are a threat to our young people and awareness of the risks to their safety should institute not only a protest from us, but from all decent Muslims themselves...instead of this ignorant and blind collusion seeking to deny and justify criminality within a community and not even exploring how to reform those passages which do in fact justify rape and terrorism. That kind of reform can only come from within the Muslim community. But it will never come so long as "Muslim advocates" continue to bluster aggressively and denounce as "prejudiced" and "hateful" anyone who brings awareness to these legitimate problems. By denying problems they are never solved.

    "The danger is when this partial truth is taken to be a whole truth."
    Since you have elucidated nothing, this is a completely empty statement devoid of any relation to anything. The real danger is when people ignore that innocents come under physical threat due to aggressive missionary tactics and thus argue for their continued victimization in the name of some idiotic ideology of intolerance while calling whoever opposes as "discriminatory." Discrimination against what? Against aggressive missionary practices and ethnic cleansing of religions which are not tolerated and targeted as "false" and "demonic?"

    Whose discrimination are you promoting exactly, and why?

    "Not in the metaphysical sense of Truth, but the truth of the whole of what can be called the 'Muslim Problem'."
    Since this post has not addressed ISLAM specifically but rather AGGRESSIVE MISSIONARY TACTICS which are in fact being used by radicalized fanatics, then your above statement is misleading, since it implicates an intolerance of Muslims in general, rather than an abhorrence for a very specific activity which is being practiced by a radicalized section of the Islamic population.

    Do you deny these rapes and coerced conversions are occurring? Is that your point in using broad sweeping generalities about "the Muslim Problem?" because I seriously don't have a Muslim problem as I do not bother with Muslims at all. But I most certainly do object loudly to abuses of Sikh, Hindu and even Christian girls who are being victimized in such degrading ways. Such "missionaries" should be hanged in the public streets! I did not discuss anything about any other facet of Islamic culture or Muslim people, so don't infer things here which have nothing to do with this topic thread, that is a derailment while promoting your own blind defense of Islam at the EXPENSE of the victims of their aggressive missionary believers.

    What is the value of going on a 'crusade' against muslims, trying to expel them from the 'Holy Land'.
    Again, completely off topic and unrelated whatsoever to the content of the OP. I am not on any crusade, neither am I promoting the expulsion of anyone. You are creating a strawman fallacy to justify the fact that you don't give a damn about raped and deceived Sikh and Hindu girls, so long as you can blindly defend your beloved Muslims, EVEN to justifying the evil wrong-doing of the fanatic fringe! And I find your line of argumentation HIGHLY offensive and apologize to any families who have endured such deceitful degradation for the insensitivity of this derailment by fanatics who defend everything Muslim at any cost, no matter how wrong an activity might be.

    "This crusade will only cause more suffering in the Psyche of human beings."
    I find your "compassion" hypocritical since you don't give a damn to speak in defense of the rights of the aggrieved families neither do you bother to acknowledge the very real epidemic of abuses going on in fundamentalism Muslim missionary circles. it is precisely your "advocacy" and defense of RADICAL Islamic practices and criminal acts here which allows them to continue. I repeat: UNLESS PRO-MUSLIM COMMUNITY ITSELF STARTS GIVING A DAMN AND PROTESTING THESE EGREGIOUS WRONGDOING IN NAME OF OWN RELIGION, THEY ARE GIVING TACIT APPROVAL OF THE CRIMES WHILE BLAMING THE VICTIMS!

    And I can think of nothing more offensive or adharmic than that.

    "The only criteria for revealing information and forcing issues should be whether it will be beneficial for the mass of people who consume it."
    And I happen to feel that a worldwide epidemic of date rapes and relationships under false pretenses to coerce Islamic conversions is worthy of being brought to the attention of the general public since the young girls and their families at least deserve advance warning, ESPECIALLY since no one in the MUSLIM community has the DIGNITY to send the warnings themselves while strongly condemning such practices which would give people some sense of respect for them.

    When all these people do is justify and blame and deny the problems and then attack people who protest as being bigots and hate-mongers, you are GUILTY of colluding to defend criminal acts against members of another religion. And all your snot-nosed attempts to put such a blame on me as being prejudiced or inciting hate or desiring to cause expulsion of Muslims is not only a LIE ON IT'S FACE, but a smear campaign to justify and negate the harms which radical Muslims ARE doing in the name of Quran!

    "From my viewpoint creating more animosity by emphasising strongly various partial truths is not beneficial for the mass of people."


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    Re: Everyone should know the truth about aggressive Islam!~

    I protest the idiotic insensitivity of the forum administrators for allowing such unbelievable bias and anti-Hindu blaming and blind pro-Muslim propaganda to continue to derail and offend this very important topic.

    How ashamed I am of HDF what you allow to be PROMOTED PROPGANADISTICALLY on your forums with no sense of justice or defense of the dignity of young Hindu and Sikh women!!

    Does no one give a damn about Dharma and protecting innocents from harm? Then all your sadhana is a wasted hypocrisy! No wonder these things just degenerate into actual hatreds and feuding. Why destroy this forum to promote equal right of pro-Muslim fanatics to spread malicious rumor, innuendo, unsubstantiated allegations of blame and accusation.

    What a shameful disgrace of a HINDU forum.

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    Re: Everyone should know the truth about aggressive Islam!~

    Dear HK,

    We understand your desperation and deep feelings in this issue. I agree with each and every point you made here, but the problem is, there is possibility for new members (especially from west) to take these topics in wrong sense, thereby underrating this forum. This board has a huge role to play in educating people about Dharma, i think it would be better if we find other means to expose the aggressiveness of those fundamentalists.
    feel free to correct me ........
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  7. Cool Re: Everyone should know the truth about aggressive Islam!~

    Quote Originally Posted by amra View Post
    Sorry Paji you are right i must try to give up meat.

    But don't the shastra's say that talking bad of other people or things is like eating meat?
    Shastra's say is sanskrit, while translating it can be seems different meaning, It avoid 'ninda' the english translation is shown condmen, while 'ninda' means false blame, othervise truth is always right, 'Satyam Shivam Sundaram'. Speaking truth may be 'condmen' but shastras alows it

    However what did you mean by half truth in previous post ? Explain the whole truth than.

    Harjas Kaur, I have to say something

    There are different kind of elements who are spreading anti-hindu like Claver - Who know what they are posting should be anti-hindu to spread, even in caste based forums communities group.
    Paid - They have been paid to spread anti-hindu, hatered for it, they too know about there post, but they cannot counter
    Misguided - They simply don't know, but they where those who were sucsessfully misguided by claver and paid elements.

    First let us know the person involved in those anti-hindu thing. If this is misguided - guide it,
    paid - teach a lesson,
    claver - give stright ans.

    That clown is banned or I had given him a blow on face.
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    Re: Everyone should know the truth about aggressive Islam!~

    No country for Hindu minorities

    Saturday, 07 April 2012 20:13

    Minoritiesand the State: Changing Social and Political Landscape of Bengal

    Author : Abhijit Dasgupta, et al

    Publisher : Sage

    Price : Rs 795

    Very fewcommunities have suffered so much in their own homeland as Hindus of Bengal,and that too at the hands of their Arabised/Islamised compatriots. While Hindusin West Bengal are declining both in number and the politico-administrativesystem, in Islamic Bangladesh they are victims of a systematic ethno-religiouscleansing. Post-partition, while Sikhs and Hindus in West Pakistan weresubjected to jhatka, in East Pakistan they became items for halal. TheNehru-Liaquat Pact (1950) actually went against Hindus of East Pakistan whileensuring greater consolidation of Muslims in India.

    Bengal waspartitioned in 1947, with the Muslim-majority areas, including the Buddhistmajority Chittagong Hill Tracts (97 per cent) and Khulna (Hindu-majority),forming East Pakistan (29 per cent Hindus). In Bangladesh, they have now beenreduced to eight per cent; in Khulna they are 22 per cent; and, in theChittagong Hill Tracts the Buddhists are less than 50 per cent.

    In BangladeshParliament, out of 330 members, Hindus and Buddhists account for just fiveseats. Compare it with Muslim representation in the West Bengal Assembly: Theyhave 59 seats out of 294. Not just that, Hindus of West Bengal, particularlytheir women, are often victimised by their Muslim neighbours, as in the Degangariots led by a Muslim Trinamool Congress MP. This patent unevenness betweenHindus in Bangladesh and Muslims in West Bengal is pushed below the carpet byour pseudo-secular scholars, including Abhijit Dasgupta who, along with a fewother intellectuals, has edited the book under review.

    One of thebest articles in this collection is by Abul Barkat, an well-known scholar forhis work on the sufferings of Bangladeshi Hindus inflicted by the Vested(Enemy) Property Act, which has deprived Hindus of 45 per cent of the landowned by them.

    Japanesescholar Masahiko Togawa recounts the grim condition of Hindus in Bangladesh,their insignificant representation in the services (based on a 20-year-olddocument, but the situation is no better currently), dispossession of property,abduction/rape/ forced conversion/forced marriages of Hindu women, non-buildingof the Ramna Kali Bari, etc. However, Togawa blunders in comparing them withMuslim minorities in India, evidently caused by the misrepresentation of factsby many Indian pseudo-seculars like Abhijit Dasgupta and Sekhar Bandopadhayawho mischievously compare the condition of the assertive and fast-growingMuslims of West Bengal with the persecuted Hindus in Bangladesh, and evenconcocting a “parallel story” of marginalisation of Muslims in West Bengal.Bandopadhaya, mentions Jogendranath Mandal, a Labour Minister in Pakistanwithout mentioning this Cabinet Minister’s flight to India.

    Similarly,Dasgupta’s outlandish denial of illegal migration of Muslims from Bangladesh isabsurd. Former West Bengal Governor TV Rajeshwar, senior police officials likeBibhuti Bhushan Nandy and several scholars, basing themselves on Censusfigures, have confirmed this demographic invasion of West Bengal.

    TetsuyaNakatani, a Japanese scholar, writes on Hindu (mostly Dalit) refugees in Nadiadistrict, not “getting rid of the trauma of exile and refugee-ness”. Thisproves that Dalit Hindus did not escape the wrath of their Muslimmasters/neighbours.

    Rangalal Sen,a Bangladeshi scholar, examines the role of the civil society in Bangladesh incombating violence against Hindus, their forced conversion, the trauma of theirwomen, etc, but misses out the theological sanction for the ill-treatment ofpolytheists as the root cause of their sufferings. “Riots” in EastPakistan/Bangladesh are actually pogroms — one-sided attacks on the haplessHindu minority.

    Sadeka Halimportrays the utter tragedy of Hindu women of Bangladesh — the land of PreetiWadeddar and venerable Anandomayee Maa. Abu Dayen provides an exhaustiveaccount of the tragedy of Hindus as portrayed by Bangladeshi writers likeShaukat Osman, Humayun Azad, Taslima Nasreen, Nirmalendu Gun, Syed Waliullah,Prashnata Mridha — a theme unknown to — or even deliberately ignored by —India’s ‘progressive’ intellectuals.

    While denialof the Jewish Holocaust is a crime in Europe, the suppression of the sufferingsof Hindus in India at the hands of their Islamic conquerors/masters/neighbours,both in the past and present, is the standard practice. Negationism is thehallmark of India’s jihad-friendly ‘liberal’ intelligentsia and theirpseudo-secular political patrons.

    The book is amixed bag of good and bad article — some exposes the plight of Hindus, and somedeny it outrightly. The reviewer,an expert on Bangladesh, teaches history in University of Delhi

  9. Re: Everyone should know the truth about aggressive Islam!~

    Quote Originally Posted by charitra View Post
    Sad truth of KaLiYuG
    Dictator Muslim rulers of India were not able to do what democratic and secular rulers are doing successfully to finish the Hindus.
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