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Thread: Little Wonderful moments in your life...

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    Little Wonderful moments in your life...


    You know sometimes in your life, there are these little wonderful moments that make you just feel so lucky & fantastic inside.
    I have this very wonderful but on surface unimportant moment in my life. On August there were meteoroid rains everyday but I was really, really sick. On Saturday & Sunday shooting stars were not as frequently but I was at the country side & never had seen shooting star before. We had to sleep in unfinished house (only second house has wood floor (not ready yet) and roof, below was not really finished, just ground & even holes). When my sister got really upset & went to where we sleep, I followed her & while I was waiting her downstairs I really wished to see shooting star & said 'Shiva, please show me just one shooting star, I will not wish anything on it, because my wish would come true.' [Yeah, I do talk with Shiva & Ganesha]. During the mantra 'Om Namah Shivaya', I saw most fantastic & really fast shooting star. My wish came true & it lifted me up so much. This was my very first time to see it & then I felt that Shiva is there. I was also the only to see it. That night I also saw more shooting stars, but others where not so amazing as that my very first one.

    Please share your little wonderful moments

    Have a nice day,

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    Re: Little Wonderful moments in your life...

    Namaste Alice,

    That's truly a beautiful incident. Anytime one can connect with Shivaji it is a tremendous blessing.
    I pray to Lord Shiva as my ishta devta (my most dearest manifestation of God). Though I am still awaiting even the smallest darshan of him, the subtle connection I feel during my prayers keeps a smile in my heart.

    Om Namah Shivay!

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    Re: Little Wonderful moments in your life...

    About a month or maybe two months ago, I had ordered some books from written by Swamiji Satyananda Saraswati, and during my morning Puja I asked Shiva "Please let my books come in today". The second I finished this prayer, I heard the screen door downstairs open and close but didn't think anything of it other than that maybe one of my parents was coming home to have lunch. When I finished my Puja and came downstairs I saw no one else was home and went to see if the mail had come in, and to my delight I found a package from Devi Mandir containing my books between the screen door and the door.

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    Re: Little Wonderful moments in your life...


    Hi Alise. Thank you for sharing this special moment. So many times I have heard that the Lord will come right to you in a very real way if He is in your heart and you reach out to Him. His compassion and love is always right there.

    Your experience reminded me of a running (continuous) joke that I have with Shiva/Shakti. Everywhere I look, a few times a week, I will see the number "108." Nothing fancy. Perhaps the total number of something in a sentence on a page. A highway sign, or the end of a serial number (my drivers license ends with 108). So I break out laughing and experience a fun, divine closeness for a moment.

    I think that my Lord is teaching me that love can be lighthearted and fun, and there is no reason to ever feel alone. He teases me just a little about forgetting he is right here, and is the inventor of play (playfulness).

    Om Namah Shivaya.

    Jana Bess
    Las Vegas Nevada USA

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