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    Framework for this folder...

    hari o


    On occasion there are words that are traded with one member to another i.e. darts from the lips. Sometimes it cannot be helped that some friction arises and we end-up with jalpa ( arguments for the sake of victory over another). taking issue with a person's style or behavior vs. what one has written as an idea , response or concept.

    These words or disputes can be taken to this 'jalpa' folder. Then one can take their issue there and the parties in question ( 2 or more) can then debate, exchange words as they see fit.

    Why do this?

    If two or more people wish to continue the vāda of jalpa or of vitaṇdā (destructive criticism) you are welcome to do this here on HDF, but please take the conversation to the jalpa room. What could be more fair ? HDF is being accommodating and offering the space for the wrangling to continue. We are just asking not to blemish an existing conversation that may be taking place.

    How to get this done ?

    The parties can take their issues here. If this does not occur under one's own motivation, then the HDF Administrator can 'pickup and transfer' the jalpa that is occuring in another part of HDF and deposit it here accordingly.
    If any member is feeling the stress or strain of this occurring to them, there is no need to leave it on one's shoulders. Have this addressed by our Admin and the posts can be lifted and moved accordingly.

    Now lets say you do not wish to go to the jalpa folder but just wish to remain out of the path of this person that is giving you angst - then that too can be accommodated:

    Process for turning off posts of people that rub you the wrong way

    For those that have issue with any-one's posts i.e. being annoyed by them , find them caustic to one's mind or understanding, then you have the option to turn off all posts by that person.

    The Process
    1. Go to the User Control Panel - It may say User CP on your screen
    2. Go to the Miscellaneous section. This is found on the left hand side
    of the screen.
    3. The very first box says Control Panel. Look 5 boxes
    down the vertical column and you will see Miscellaneous.
    Click on Buddy / Ignore Lists.
    4. Once inside the Buddy / Ignore Lists option, you will
    see a place for Ignore List. Add the person you wish to ignore.

    I look to the wise for their direction that was offered above:
    Indifference is a very big astra¹ (weapon). Anybody uttering unpleasantness or being disrespectful in any way then be indifferent to him, that is to say, withdraw one's own thought from his direction... svāmī brahmānanda sarasvatī, Śaṅkarācārya of Jyotirmath (from 1941-1953)


    ■ astra अस्त्र- a weapon in general ; rooted in 'as' a missile weapon , bolt , arrow ; to throw , cast , shoot at ; to drive away
    ■ reference post:
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    यतस्त्वं शिवसमोऽसि
    yatastvaṁ śivasamo'si
    because you are identical with śiva


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