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Thread: Does the Dvaita analyze self?

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    Does the Dvaita analyze self?

    Does the Dvaita analyze self like the Advaita? How does it look at self? Does the Antahkarana exist in Dvaita Philosophy?

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    Re: Does the Dvaita analyze self?

    Don't read Advaita to learn Dvaita

    In the world of "reals" it is hard to imagine a separate reason for being not real and non existant.

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    Re: Does the Dvaita analyze self?

    I'm trying to see how each differs from one and the other.

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    Re: Does the Dvaita analyze self?

    In general, the nature of self/soul/consciousness, what we perceive, etc. differ amongst Hindu Darshanas.

    From this link, the following two documents may be to your liking.

    (1)Brahma Philosophy
    (2)Nature of consciousness in Hindu philosophy

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