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I wrote,
This forum is called uttara उत्तर which means upper, higher, chief, excellent, more powerful.
The forum is for subject matter that is more advanced in nature found within sanātana dharma.

I must say this part of the HDF forum has been quite rewarding to participate in. It is based upon uttara, but in fact the subject matter on many occasions has been focused on an+uttara.
I use the wisdom of abhinavagupta-ji regarding this word. He says, one view of uttara is 'more, additional' and therefore anuttara is na vidyate uttarm adhikaṁ yataḥ,
or that which is nothing more, or additional. That infers the Supreme, that which is unsuprassable.

He also infers uttara means speaking in a limited way... even though the subject matter of this folder addresses profound ideas , we still can only speak in a limited way about Reality.
We can say , It ( the Supreme) is like this .... and it is like that. We limit Reality, even though we look to the proper words and sounds to offer the equal of infinity in our bound words.

Yet one other view of anuttara by abhinavagupta-ji is very rewarding to consider. He suggests , look at this word this way a +nut +tara.
  • nut = nud = pushing , impelling
  • tara = passing over or beyond , supassing, or going beyond.
Hence nuttara suggets going beyond, surpassing to arrive at 'a' . This 'a' अ is the most profound sound or phonene in saṃskṛtam. It is considered viṣṇu ( all incompassing);
ā आ it is considered śiva ( Perfect Being, Silence, Auspiciousness); in the feminine gender it is considered lakṣmī ( good fortune, success, blessedness, bhaga).

All of knowledge occurs in a , as the first sound of the ṛg ved , agni. The universe of ideas , of creation, of all the tattvas occurs between this a +ha + ṁ. For this, all the
universe is found in akṛtrima-ahaṁ-vimarśa, or pure I consciousness.

So , I am greatful to all the HDF participants that have participated and kept this folder at the highest level of knowledge...

Thank you (dhanyavāda)