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Thread: Dharma (Religion)

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    Dharma (Religion)

    The word Dharma has been derived from the root Dhri which means to sustain, to support and to guide. English word for Dharma is Religion which comes from the Latin infinitive religare : i.e. Re meaning back, ligare meaning to bind or unite; or that which binds one back to ones origin. Thus, religion means re-union with God.
    Dharma (Religion) comprises those principles or doctrines, with the knowledge and proper performance of which, universal peace and communion with God is attained. The deeds which benefit the doer and his fellow beings are included in Dharma. If they result in pain or misery to others, they are termed as irreligious or adharma.

    Man came first. Religions were instituted later for maintaining humanity and for the well-being of the mankind. However, man discarded humanity and became the custodian of religion. He forgot that his true Dharma (Religion) is Humanity.

    All the outer forms of the body such as to keep long hair or to be clean-shaven, to mark the forehead with sacred mark (tilak) or to assume some other shape or form is merely a false show which indicates that one is the follower of a particular sect or a religious leader. These forms have nothing to do with spiritual uplift. These external marks or signs were evolved by the inhabitants of different countries, from time to time, which undergo changes with the passage of time. Therefore, these external observances do not comprise true Dharma or Religion. These are merely rites and rituals. It is foolishness, irreligious and inhuman to quarrel over these outer marks.

    The followers of almost all the religions and the so called custodians of religion are entangled in observing outer rites and rituals prescribed by their respective sects. They are quarrelling amongst themselves over these outer physical forms due to lack of knowledge of the real teachings of Dharma (Religion). Thus they indulge in evil habits and sinful actions. They try to get butter by churning water instead of churning curd.

    A true religious man is he who rises above duality and searches for the golden principles of true religion by adopting which the mind is cleansed and freed from greed, hatred, enmity, violence and jealousy and faith in God is strengthened. He beholds the Divine-Light in everybody and loves the whole mankind. He is determined to do good to others by word, thought and action. Only such a righteous person deserves salvation.

    As long as the child is in the mothers womb, he has no caste or creed. All human beings are the children of one Supreme Father i.e. God. All the disputes based on caste or creed are man made and they crop up only after birth.

    God is Love and Love is God. Those who have realised the reality of religion, love God and His children. They found that true love is the basis of Religion. One great spiritual master said that the religion of love is different from all others. Realisation of true God is the only religion of the seekers and lovers. Without love, religion has no footing.

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    Re: Dharma (Religion)

    hari o

    namast jasdir
    Quote Originally Posted by jasdir View Post
    God is Love and Love is God.
    Perhaps what you say is true, yet there is a broadened view of this idea which is the following:

    Yatsattatparamārthohi paramārthastataḥśivaḥ

    this says,
    That which is Existence (sattā) is the highest (param) Reality, the Universe is of the nature of that Reality, therefore everything is śivaḥ. This is from Abhinavagupta's work Parā-trīśikā Vivaraṇa. It is a śloka where he gives praise to anuttara ( the Supreme, unsurpassable). He recognizes yatsaḥ sarvam- from whom proceeds all, and yasmin sarvam -in whom resides all - this is anuttara, Supreme.

    So God is love, yes; He too is all and everything and no-thing at the same time.

    यतस्त्वं शिवसमोऽसि
    yatastvaṁ śivasamo'si
    because you are identical with śiva


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