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Thread: cow protection, milk and milk products (please support)

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    cow protection, milk and milk products (please support)

    Dear All,
    I am writing to inform you of our cowshare/cow rescue program in Northern California, near Philo CA. We are personally protecting cows at our ashram and promoting raw milk, and at the same time we are rescuing cows form organic dairies and finding homes for them and teaching their new owner how to start a cow sharing program like the one we have at our ashram. We teach the new owners the value of the cow and the economics of the cowshare program and in this way on a grass roots level we are reinventing the family cow and creating local markets for cruelty free raw milk and raw milk products here in California. The program is a great success thus far. People love it. You can read about the cowsharing program here: We also have other milk products like yogurt and cheese.

    One thing we are lacking at present is sufficient land for retired cows. Thus I am approaching you for financial assistance in purchasing land for retired cows. Once the land is purchased, we can develop it and staff the supervision of the retired cow and bull aspect of the program. If we can add this on to our present program our model, it will be that much more compelling and we can turn that many more people here way from the cruelty in the commercial dairy industry.

    Northern California is an ideal place for this model. Many progressive people interested in sustainability and a new approach to agriculture reside here and this area often sets trends for the rest of the country in advance. So we are hopeful that we can eventually market this model throughout the country.

    Therefore, I request you to come forward and support us on this project. I will highly appreciate any assistance from your side. You can contact me at or donate directly through the website. All donations are tax deductible with 501(c) organization. Let us save mother cow.

    Vivek Kaul

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    Re: cow protection, milk and milk products (please support)

    hari o


    Many of us here to action to donate cows earlier in the year.
    If interested you can read about it here...

    some photos are at the end of the string.

    यतस्त्वं शिवसमोऽसि
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    Re: cow protection, milk and milk products (please support)

    Thanks. I appreciate your post. I hope that we get support for the farm we have here in US.

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