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Thread: Terrorism and Genocidal Violence of the Bible (New Testament)

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    Re: Terrorism and Genocidal Violence of the Bible (New Testament)

    Thank you, Believer, for your wise advice!

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    Re: Terrorism and Genocidal Violence of the Bible (New Testament)

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffery D. Long View Post
    Some of you may be interested in an article I wrote for Prabuddha Bharata a couple of years ago where I critique the hypocrisy of Western readers who denounce the "violence" of the highly regulated battle among warriors that Lord Krishna enjoins in the Bhagavad Gita while turning a blind eye to the genocides endorsed in the Bible. I'll share a link if I can find one and if there is interest.
    I have made similar criticisms myself. Yes, that would be a very useful contribution!

    "Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools speak because they have to say something." - Plato

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    Re: Terrorism and Genocidal Violence of the Bible (New Testament)

    Quote Originally Posted by sm78 View Post
    This tactic has been adopted for quite some time now in India, and it seems now due its success, is being promoted in west to be used against Hindus in the west. Sita Ram Goel wrote about Christian Ashrams decades ago, and in the south the temple like appearence and some apparantly similar rituals to Jesus are being carried out daily to entice the hindus.

    However, can such tactics alone be blamed? Is it not that, being a Hindu now simply means to attend temples, aaratis, bells and chants and go through or see through the motions of a ritual. Is there any thought and heart behind what we do? Has not the thousands of years of orthodoxy and brahmanical hagemony effectively kept the common people off from understanding & appreciating the significance of any ritual?

    Such a system is prone to attack of Trojans, and one cannot always simply blame the Trojan, ignoring the shortcomings of the society and its practices.

    Someone was praising the greatness of orthodoxy, and I never got around to showing its great pit falls (apart from the fundamental inequality it breeds). And there are many many more.

    Coming back to the point, being piloted in the South (Tamiz Land in particular), the tactic is now being applied in other parts of India as well. In Bengal, Shani Puja is very popular on small road side temples on Saturdays. Someone told me that he saw exactly similar got up created for puja of Jesus on sunday evenings in one area of Calcutta - probably a pilot project of christists.

    Only 2 ways to get out of this.

    1) Make religion available to common man as a practioner (with understanding) and not merely a dumb witness and financer to the gestures of high priests of orthodoxy. It is really the time to throw those discriminating and completely outdated dharma shastras, pages from puranas and all other shastras which have been tainted by support such behaviour in the trash bin and frame a few copies for historical evidence and academic interests.

    2) Understand Christianity and any asuric propaganda machinery for that matter, and attack jeebus, churches and christians as target for counter conversion.

    Are you trying to bull*** me?
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    Re: Terrorism and Genocidal Violence of the Bible (New Testament)

    Quote Originally Posted by Kumar_Das View Post
    Are you trying to bull*** me?
    Please be advised that the person you are trying to debate has been gone for almost 9 months. So, you win by default.

    The following post is less than a month old. What happened to the self-assessment/resolution made there?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kumar_Das View Post
    I have decided to return back to studying religion/expanding my spiritual growth very recently. Its nice because it puts a fresher perspective on things after a long haul. My knack for controversy has gone down and I wish to curb any excessive, untempered enthusiasm. It has also allowed me to review my former theological/philosophical positions. I also realised Ive said alot of bush sheesh.

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    Re: Terrorism and Genocidal Violence of the Bible (New Testament)

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