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Thread: Please help me with Bhakti?

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    Please help me with Bhakti?


    I seek to practice Bhakti yoga daily, because I have learned about it and I think it is a very beautiful way to devote oneself to God. But I'm having a little trouble with it, and I just want to make sure I am doing it right.

    1) Is it true that you can use any form of God that brings you closer to Him/Her in spiritual union? (For me, I really see God in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in the sunset and sunrise.)

    2) Do you recommend any specific mantras, chants, hymns, offerings, etc. that a Christian Bhakti seeker could use?

    3) I think I have limited resources as far as a "traditional" Sanantan Dharma Bhakti yoga devotion would go. But what are some elements as to how Bhakti yoga should go?

    I hope this all makes sense.
    Thank you so much.

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    Re: Please help me with Bhakti?

    Vannakkam I LoveGod: As I am totally (almost, not quite) unfamiliar with your faith, I am not sure if I or anyone else on a Hindu forum can help you. But it begs the question: Why are you asking here rather than on a Christian forum, or on a forum like ? Wouldn't members of your own faith be more likely to help? They may at least have the knowledge or a better understanding of your disposition. Of course, I do admire anyone's determination to cultivate bhakti.

    To turn it around, I just can't see myself going to a Christian forum and asking there how I can cultivate a better relationship with God. Perhaps I'm missing something here. Maybe you could elucidate some of the reasons you came here, or maybe you could browse this site in the bhakti sections and see if you can come up with anything helpful. Best wishes on it, as regardless of faith, I believe cultivation of a love for God leads to a cultivation of better love for mankind, which in turn leads to a better world for all of us.

    Aum Namasivaya

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    Re: Please help me with Bhakti?

    Namaste Eastern Mind,

    That is a good question. Thank you for bringing it up.

    The root of my admiration toward Sanatana Dharma is that it seems, to me, to focus a lot on the relationship between the individual and God, in solitude, like two birds on a tree, and because it seems to allow you to worship and view God however you choose, in your own way.

    My main concern is the Church.
    Of course there are wonderful churches out there. But I am very afraid of having my own personal beliefs dictated or discouraged.
    I view Jesus Christ differently and I want my relationship with and devotion to God (Jesus Christ) to be more personal.

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    Re: Please help me with Bhakti?


    Please read this post and see if you can relate or if it helps you, then we can talk further:

    || Shri KRshNArpaNamastu ||

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    Re: Please help me with Bhakti?

    Quote Originally Posted by smaranam View Post

    Please read this post and see if you can relate or if it helps you, then we can talk further:

    Oh yes, I have heard about this.

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    Re: Please help me with Bhakti?

    Vannakkam IloveGod:

    Have you tried many different churches? Surely they must vary. How about monasteries? Don't the Catholics or Eastern orthodox have retreat monasteries any more? like Trappists?

    Some of the practises that might apply for you can be found in the bhakti section here. Examples might be
    - pilgrimage (even walking reflectively to church)
    - using shrines instead of churches, sitting at one alone, do non-congregational stuff
    - japa (chanting around a rosary)

    I definitely feel my relationship with Ganesha, with Siva, and with Guru are very personal. But part of bhakti comes naturally, as was recently discussed on here.

    Maybe you could ask your pastor/father/priest these questions?

    In my personal view, one can walk a 'dangerous' path to confusion if there is too much mixing of religions. For one thing, Hindu bhakti has another purpose - to cultivate a particular understanding of God, yourself, and world. Just as meditation does - and some of these deeper truths (reincarnation is one) may impact your belief system in a confusing way. I don't want to be a catalyst toward confusion.

    Aum Namasivaya

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    Re: Please help me with Bhakti?

    Eastern Mind, that is a good point.
    The Trappist monastery sounds like it would interest me, because I really like Thomas Merton, who was a Trappist monk.
    But there really aren't any of those around here that I know of.

    Besides, I have very different beliefs from those of many churches.

    Do you view Ganesha, Siva, and Guru as manifestations of God?

    I have heard that Ganesha, Siva, and Guru are kind. That is what inspires me to devote myself to God.

    I admire that kind of devotion a lot. That kind of devotion I want toward Jesus Christ, whom I personally believe manifests God.

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    Re: Please help me with Bhakti?

    Hello ILoveGod!! I can definately understand how the idea of bhakti yoga seems synonymous with the relationship a Christian may aspire to cultivate with Jesus Christ to reach the whole of the Trinity.
    Seeing as you are already willing to probe non-Chistian sources to better understand that relationship, may I recommend Unitarian Universalist congregations? A nice place to start with that would be the AllSouls Unitarian YouTube channel. They have lovely, non denominational sermons meant to stimulate spiritual thought of any flavour
    Also, despite my username, Bhakti yoga is not my area of expertise, but my area of interest. If you find any resources regarding its implimentation, would you be willing to share them? I would be grateful
    Peace and good luck!

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    Re: Please help me with Bhakti?

    hello ILOVE GOD,

    i think you have genuine love for god and for that reason this searching at such tender age.don"t be disheartened.the Lord who has created this desire in your heart will guide you in subsequent time.

    To love God, we need few things clear first--

    1. to need to know who is God,his nature,his form etc. to whom we are going to love must be clearly understood

    2. what is the relationship of mine with him? very important part.why i should love him?

    3. How to love him? what are the easiest way that suits you in the practice. remember it should be similar to your emotional,personal way,likings etc.

    4. to whom you should love. jesus,mary,krishna etc etc. it is the least important matter in devotion. As long as you are sure the true nature of God,you can worship a random diagram you have sketched.even you can worship your parents,husband,wife's picture. important thing is now you are thinking the true nature of Lord through that Idol.

    but again this Idol should be maximum dear to you. the picture which gives maximum ,happiness is the best.

    1st and second read major devotional literatures. i will advice you to read hindu literatures as it only can give you unbiased impartial knowledge about recomendations are

    1-Ramakrishna mission"s book----particularly devotional,
    2-Narad bhaktisutra
    3-Yogananda"s--Yogananda foundaton"s books on Christ book
    5- books on Chaitanya dev...anything you gets

    Dont go to christians and Iskcon teachings initially.your foundation may become faulty.

    start doing smaller practices of devotion. lets take Jesus. create a very pleasant room,pure,totally cut off from other"s asses. in a best place with best chair with very good colourful cushion,keep the idol,put nice garlands. daily morning,evening sit in front of him with utmost politeness after taking bath,or atleast cleaning feets,hands. offer him the best foods you like whenever you get it. anything you like,your dear objects,1st offer him.sit and talk to him.close ur eyes and imagine to see clearly him in books and ask the meaning to him.

    this way you will develop love towards him. ask anything happeneing at school,at house ete. ask him to guide you at highest devotional path.

    hope it might help you.lots of love.

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    Man-naathah Shri Jagan-nathah Mat-guru-shri jagad-guruhu.
    Mad-atma sarva-bhutatma tasmai Shri Gurave Namah.

    My Lord is the Lord of Universe; My teacher is the teacher of the
    entire universe; and my Self is the Self of all. My salutations at the lotus-feet
    of such a Guru, who has revealed such knowledge to me.

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    Re: Please help me with Bhakti?

    Dear anirvan,

    Thank you so much for your helpful answer. It is perfect, and it helps and inspires me so much.
    Thank you also for your kind and encouraging comment. You are a very kind person, and I also can tell you love the Lord strongly. That is what is most important.

    I have a few questions for you relating to what you said:

    1) The nature of God is pure love, right? Is that the correct view of God in Sanatana Dharma, that God is our loving Creator and Sustainer?

    2) Is our relationship to God that He is our Lord and that He lives within each one of us, that we are His temples?

    Thanks again, my friend.
    Blessings in God's love.

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