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i think chaitanya mahapravu taught bidhi vakti to sanatan and rag vakti to srirup because in chaitanya charitamrita we see that mahapravu taught srirup the sasa tatwa and vakti sidhanta to sanatan. it is clear that srirup,swarup damodar and ramananda ray are all follower of ras that is rag vakti . to realise rag vakti one must understand these three main pillers of mahapravu.
Speaking to Sanatan about Vrindavan, the swetness of Krishna, the arrow like sidelong glances of Krishna which pierce the minds of the gopis, are clear hints of raganunga bhakti.

Madhya 21.102

kṛṣṇera madhura rūpa, śuna, sanātana
ye rūpera eka kaṇa, ḍubāya saba tribhuvana,
sarva prāṇī kare ākarṣaṇa

"(Dear) Sanātana, hear (now), the form of Kṛṣṇa is sweet - sanātana śuna rūpa kṛṣṇera madhura.
One particle of His form (may) flood all three worlds - eka kaṇa ye rūpera ḍubāya saba tri-bhuvana
And make all living entities to be attracted (to Him)- kare sarva prāṇī ākarṣaṇa

Madhya 21.105

bhūṣaṇera bhūṣaṇa ańga, tāheń lalita tri-bhańga,
tāhāra upara bhrūdhanu-nartana
terache netrānta bāṇa, tāra dṛḍha sandhāna,
vindhe rādhā-gopī-gaṇa-mana

The charming features of the limbs of the body (of Krishna) are the ornaments of (His) ornaments - lalita tāheń ańga bhūṣaṇa bhūṣaṇera
More than that (his body) is (charmingly) bent in three places - tāhāra upara tri-bhańga
(his) crooked dancing eyes fix that strong arrows - terache bhrū-dhanu-nartana sandhāna dṛḍha bāṇa
At the end of the eye (side long) piercing the minds of Radha and of the hosts of gopis - netra-anta vindhe mana rādhā gopī-gaṇa.

All next "instructions" up to the end of the 21. chapter are related to raganuga-bhakti.

It is also true that Sriman Mahaprabhu entrusted the responsibility for promoting the details of the practice of raganunga bhakti to Sri Gopal Guru Gosvami who, as the foremost disciple of Vakerswara Pandit, became intimately connected with the Lord during His last eighteen years at Puri. Due to intimacy with Svarupa Damodar also, Gopal gained an exceptional insight into Sriman Mahaprabhu’s internal movements. This pleased the Lord so much that Mahaprabhu selected him to be the first Acarya of Gambhira after His departure.

The Lord also instructed him to write a Paddhati on Siddha-pranali and lila-smaran, and awarded him the title of “Guru”. Sri Gopal Guru’s disciple, Sri Dhyan-candra Goswami was also ordered later to compile a second Paddhati which has received equal acclaim.

Still later, following these two Arcana Paddhati Sri Siddha Krishna Das Babaji compiled Sadhan-amrita-candrika, which combines upasak poriskriti, lila smaran, archana, dhyan and sadhu kritya, all in one book. These three have been recognized since as the original Archana Paddhati of the Gaudiya Sampradaya commonly referred to as Paddhati-traya