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Thread: Chakra Pooja

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    Chakra Pooja

    How this pooja performed?

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    Your post is not slear what do you want to know ?

    It is just about Puja ? please make a visit to a Hindu temple, you will understand there.
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    Re: Chakra Pooja


    I suppose you are asking about Sudarshan Chakra Homam, prayers etc. ?

    I do not know anything about it, but found something:

    Sudarshanashtakam (Jay Jay Sudarshana)

    Jay Jay Sudarshana
    Jay Shriman NarayaNa

    || Shri KRshNArpaNamastu ||

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    chakrabja pooja

    Earlier I have mistyped the topic name as chakra pooja instead of chakrabja pooja. I like to know how this pooja is performed. If any body can help me in this, I would be grateful. Pranam.

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    Re: Chakra Pooja

    I misquoted the title as chakra pooja instead of Chakrabja pooja. Please enlighten me as to the pooja vidhanam. Pranam.

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