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Thread: You know what irks me the most about Islam..

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    Re: You know what irks me the most about Islam..


    Yea if muslims want to say the Qur'an speaks of the big bang, then they have to accept the fact of evolution. Hindus can accept this, but a muslim I do not see able to. But there are the Ahmadi sect of Islam that accepts evolution. They also say that Jihad was abrogated now. We wont see the majority of muslims accepting evolution any time soon.

    Om Namah Shivaya

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    Re: You know what irks me the most about Islam..

    Namaste Spiritual Seeker,

    Hindu scriptures state that creation and destruction are continuous , and they go in cycles. It is more like a process than an event.

    Moreover the scriptures also say 'from fullness , fullness came ,and fullness remains unaffected from what came out of it' . This is entirely different from 'God created the universe in six days , and rested on the seventh day (due to the hard work and loss of energy)'.

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