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Thread: The psoriasis itch

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    The psoriasis itch

    Having an inflamed and scaly skin, which creates a repulsive feeling in others, is bothersome. And that is why psoriasis becomes one of the most loathed and dreaded diseases. Apart from the inflammation and the deformation in the skin, what makes a psoriasis patient utterly helpless is the psoriasis itch.

    The name of the disease, `psoriasis’ itself is derived from the Greek word `psora’ that refers to itch – and itching is the most disturbing symptom of the disease. Most of the psoriasis patients lose their hope while searching for a remedy for itching. There are drugs which prevent itching, but they also lead to drowsiness.

    The patients have to take earnest efforts not to scratch the itching areas Scratching may lead to inflammation, which in turn again lead to itching. Hence the psoriasis itch adversely affects the personal and professional life of the patient. S/he will not be able to concentrate on work, will become short tempered and will ultimately slip into depression.

    Dry skin tends to be itchier, hence the doctors advise the patients to use medicated ointments and creams psoriasis ayurvedic treatment too has come up with some remedy for itching by making use of leaves, seeds or other parts of some herbal plants. Jasmine, guggul, turmeric, neem and many such medicinal plants are used to reduce itch, inflammation and other disturbances related to psoriasis.

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    Re: The psoriasis itch

    After reading this post why did I suddenly get an itch on my head?

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