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Thread: Understanding Islam Through Hadis

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    Understanding Islam Through Hadis

    Both English and Hindi version of these books were banned from printing in India. But luckily I found this book at Voce of India website.

    But problem was that... It was in HTML format. Not easy to distribute/offline PDF format.

    I took the job of make a PDF file out of it and now it's ready

    But be sure that you don't break any copyright by selling it. I am sharing it because it was freely available at VoI's website. And after all Voice of India would like my sharing of the great knowledge of one of the greatest hindutva intellectuals- Ram Swarup.

    Download from my server-
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    Re: Understanding Islam Through Hadis

    Thanks for this, I have downloaded it and transferred it to my kindle to read at my leisure. I hope it is quite revealing.

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    Re: Understanding Islam Through Hadis

    What ever is in Hadis is actually more of significance then Quran. Hadis says what Mohammad did and Quran says what he said....

    So it is an excellent work of one of the greatest hindu intellectual of our time.

    I am reading it... But as I have less time I usually read 5-7 pages a day... But next sunday I hope to read much more.

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    Re: Understanding Islam Through Hadis

    Thank for making this into a pdf. Excellent book!

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    Re: Understanding Islam Through Hadis

    can any one post it again ....the link above is not working

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    Re: Understanding Islam Through Hadis

    Here is another pdf copy of the book.

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