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Thread: question on Atman

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    question on Atman

    I am wondering if anyone would describe the Atman as a natural "state of being" that has no origin, that has no particular time it came into being, that is self-sustaining, self-existing and not dependent on anything?

    thank you in advance

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    Re: question on Atman

    Welcome to the forum chophel
    Yes, I would agree with your description of the Atman.
    Do you have further questions or statements to add?

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    Re: question on Atman

    Welcome Chophel !!

    Wow !! What a question to begin with !! A bang !!

    We will learn more through this forum.

    It has already become a huge information bank. You may want to go through a bit. The uniqueness of individuals are in fully blossomed here.

    Sometimes (a bit) confusing - but then you always have a way out - QUESTION

    Love and best wishes

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