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But what i really want to know is , how the subtle bodies (sookshma sharira) functions ?
I know we shouldn't try to understand the subtle reality by our 5 senses or by logic because its beyond our comprehension to do so . But after i came to know that our vedic scriptures have given some characteristics of the subtle bodies , i thought , there must be more to it in these scriptures like how such subtle bodies actually functions.

The samana (carries out the function of digestion) .
The question that comes to my mind is , how does it consumes food in the first place in order to carry out the digestion .

The Vyana (carries out the function of blood circulation) .
My question is , can a subtle body like say of a ghost , possibly have blood ? ... or is the blood actually in its subtle form ?

All these questions are arising in my mind . Does the scriptures speak of them in detail . Thank You & Hare Krishna .
MAndukya Upanishad says that second state of Brahman is Dream-state (the state in dreams and in subtle world):

"The second quarter is taijasa. Its field is the dream state. Its consciousness is inward-turned. It is seven-limbed and nineteen-mouthed. It enjoys subtle objects."

==> So, in subtle state, the being has all seven limbs and nineteen mouths for enjoying in subtle world in the way it enjoys in the gross world.

I will tell you how it works :

a) We think that it is our brain that thinks. This is wrong. The thinking process is in mind (i.e. conditioned consciousness) and brain is the instrument in the gross world through which the mind works.

b) We think that it is our ears by which we hear. This is wrong. The hearing is by mind and the ears are only an instrument in gross world to help in the process of hearing.

c) Similar to above, the hunger, thirst, sexual desires etc. all arise in mind and are satisfied in mind. The gross organs only help in this gross world in different processes.

Where do the flow of blood, prANa, ApAna, functions of heart, kidneys, liver fit in all this ? All these organs arise in mind and function as they do as mind desires and everything here is governed by the laws of Gross world. So, for satisfying hunger, we have to eat gross food which goes through our mouth, stomach, intestines, gets converted into energy, blood etc. and generates waste products which are evacuated by our gross organs meant for the purpose. Now, this all is not necessary for enjoying food. Mind can generate thoughts which come at the time of enjoying a particular food and can enjoy a particular food even without actually eating food. This is what happens in dreams. So, for fulfilling any desires, in gross world, you need gross objects of enjoyment and gross organs which function in a predetermined manner to bring in the effect of enjoyment.

In subtle world, there are no gross objects of enjoyment. The body is subtle -- created by mind and the objects too are subtle. However, the mind is capable of simulating the functions of all gross organs in subtle world and can give enjoyment of food, sight, hearing, sex etc. In Gross world, mind's power is subdued and it depends upon gross elements of the gross world to make anything happen as it desires. In subtle world, the power of mind becomes much more intense. Things are produced just by the thought of mind ... any event can be made to happen just by thought of mind. ... and of course, the beings residing in higher realms have much mind-powers as compared to beings living in lower realms.

So, everything in subtle world is just manifestation of thought-waves. You don't need gross objects or gross organs or processes of the gross world to happen what you want there. Think more on how things happen in dreams and the whole thing will be more clear to you.