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    Hari Om

    Namaste Satya, ZN, Agnideva, SM78 (,

    Satya, I like the idea of a seperate file folder ( post area) for the subject at hand and the notion of listing the books one may have referenced. That allows others to consider additional reading.

    One other consideration for this undertaking... we can start randomly on the subjects of interest. We then can see what the logical next subject makes sense that advances our understanding and keeps our interest too. Like a taylor making a suit , yes? we need to choose the next piece of cloth, that when complete makes the suit. LIke that as we pick the subjects, are they for the same suit we wish to stitch together or do we have a random suit of cotton, silk, burlap, wool, and different size arms, legs, etc.

    Perhaps the best way is to just start, and see... Lets all agree on the first topic ( we need to pick one):
    Below is just an example outline... nothing firm here - all open to change and improvement>
    Say we take up Karma as a topic....
    1. It's definition example: karma from 'kr' to act or do or make. The
    etymology - root/true meanings from etymo(s) true + logos or word, reason
    2. Various permutations :
    a. Punya - activity for material gain in line with scriptural guide lines
    b. Vikarma - against scriptural guidelines
    c. akarama - actions/work offered to the Lord (behind the binding force)
    a. Sancita karma (then defined)
    b. Prarabdha karma (then defined)
    c. Kriyamana karma (then defined)
    d. etc.
    3. What schools of thought are being considered ( if any) i.e. Jain, Buddhism, Yoga, Mimamsa, Advatia, Vaisesika. etc.
    4. General Discussion
    What types of karma can be influenced or changed?
    What are the guidelines ( from Manu or ________?)
    Why does it make sense that the universe operate in this manner? Is there ever a time where karma is no longer applicable for the human (burnt up like a roasted seed is how the rishi's say it).
    It's said that karma follows the native from life-to-life. How so?
    Does any one remember a past birth? What do you think of this karma?
    5. What can we conclude from this subject?

    just an idea... let me know if this makes sense... we can improvise as the group chooses for max benefit and enjoyment~!
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    यतस्त्वं शिवसमोऽसि
    yatastvaṁ śivasamo'si
    because you are identical with śiva


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